Aliya Brynn

Last week I shot photos of Aliya Brynn who was visiting NYC for a week. I pretty much immediately edited them and uploaded them in high res to Girls of DBB, but I forgot to do a post about it on here because I hate my website and the gallery system is broken and I honestly just can’t afford to fix it so it will just languish here until one day I win the lottery or something. 

As far as the shoot goes, NY hotel rooms are the worst and it had this tiny window and shit light but we made it work by just taking her photo close to the bed. I actually think we took some really nice 35mm shots but I haven’t developed the film yet so it’s all a mystery. I am actually going to drop most of it off as soon as I finish this post. 

These photos are extra NSFW. You guys know I don’t shoot a lot of overly sexualized images, and I think that’s why some of you enjoy my work, but I also believe when photographing a model it should be collaborative and obviously sex sells and we both got OnlyFans to run. Speaking of which, there’s some video from this shoot on my OnlyFans, and there will be more soon. So yeah, very NSFW photos. 

Okay, now I gotta go drop off some film. Sponsor a roll here and get a cheap print, maybe even one from this shoot.

Click here to see the paywalled photos (sorry) from my shoot with Aliya Brynn. 

Aliya Brynn 

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