Vintage DBB: 8th Anniversary Parties

Today is the 22nd anniversary of Driven By Boredom. Before there were blog platforms and YouTube and even reliable image hosting, I wanted a place where I could put all of my projects so I wouldn’t have to email them to my friends individually. I was taking photos, shooting video, doing other random projects and just whatever I could do to keep myself entertained while I was in college.

The site became a very successful early blog until I started managing a band and I barely updated the site for a couple of years. I was still getting a surprising amount of traffic and when I moved to NYC in 2006 people kept asking me where I was putting my photos. I figured I still had my site so I might as well use it. My friend’s Adam and Thadd helped me build a new WordPress template and sometime in 2007 DBB was born again and was updated very consistently until the pandemic and a back injury and the fact that my site is barely functional (as it was last redesigned in 2007) has slowed my updates, but we are still here!

Over the years I have celebrated the anniversary in a lot of different ways, from wild parties, to free tattoos, to NFTs, to completely forgetting about it, but in 2009 I really went overboard. I had just started doing photography full time, my site was popping and I even had an intern (who got arrested for stealing someone’s purse during one of the anniversary parties). When that 8th anniversary showed up I had to do it big. 

I started by offering free Driven By Boredom tattoos, threw three parties, and released a t-shirt that I gave away for free at the events. Two people took me up on the tattoos (if you include myself, 14 people have gotten DBB tattoos over the years), we probably gave out 100 shirts and all three parties were a blast. 

Over the past few months I launched VintageDBB on Instagram. It’s a flashback to these days, primarily from 2007 to 2009 right now, but I am slowly moving forward in my archives and occasionally pulling newer and older stuff. It’s been so much fun to do, and people seem to love it, but I have soooo much stuff on there that I will never get to it all. So I had the idea of doing throwback posts on here where I go pull whole events and post them on this site, in higher resolution and without my old giant MySpace era watermarks. 

I figured today would be a perfect start so I went through all three 8th anniversary parties and pulled some highlights, about 15 photos in total. The parties included were, Disco Down at Happy Ending, Playhouse at Cain and Trash at Webster Hall. All three were pretty insane so I hope you enjoy this flashback.

My site is still broken, and will probably never be fixed so photos are on Flickr until I find a better solution. 

Click here to see the highlights from three parties celebrating the 8th anniversary of DBB in 2009.

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Driven By Boredom 8th Anniversary

I have absolutely no idea who this person with me is.

Miss you so much Jess

Throwing a party every week with Amanda Lepore was a life highlight.

JoDee got one of the first ever Driven By Boredom tattoos


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