Skin Diamond

In 2014 I was in LA and I took a ton of photos. On one specific day I photographed three models, including Skin Diamond. I had been friends with Skin for several years at this point, and we had done a mini shoot the year before at AVN but we had never shot one on one. I went over to her place and I think we ended up going to the grocery store, because I have a photo of her flashing me in a Trader Joe’s elevator or some reason, but I really don’t even remember that day. What I do remember is that it was my third shoot of the day, and that’s why you are just seeing these photos now, eight years later. 

Eight years ago I didn’t use photoshop at all. These days, just due to how my current camera sensor works, I basically do some very minimal leveling stuff and some occasional color correction, but I am very bad at it. In 2014 I was even worse. When we shot these, it was night time so there was no light except the natural light of her room and when I got the photos back they looked terrible. I remember talking to a photographer friend of mine about it and she offered to color correct them for me so I sent her the photos and then she just never did it and months went by and I forgot about them, which brings me to reason #2 for their delay. These photos were in a folder with two other models photos, so when I was looking for unpublished work, I saw that I had published the two other women’s sets, and didn’t see the Skin photos because the folder name was too long. It was so dumb. 

So fast forward to 2022 and I am going through my old 35mm images for both my OnlyFans and my new Vintage DBB instagram account and I came across that photo of skin flashing me in Trader Joe’s. I suddenly remembered I had this unpublished shoot with her, I went back and found it and tried my best to make these photos look halfway decent. I failed, but Skin is so hot that it absolutely doesn’t matter. I think you are going to dig these photos a lot. 

Now we get to the next issue, which is my website gallery system is still broken. The problem is, I don’t actually know how to fix it, and this website hasn’t been updated since 2008 and I hate it and I just want to maybe scrap the whole thing and start over but I don’t have the money to pay someone to build me a new site, so we are just in a holding pattern. I was just using Flickr as a temporary gallery solution but Flickr doesn’t like nudity anymore so these photos are exclusive to my pay site. I know that sucks, because I like giving you mostly free nudes and then paywalling the really NSFW stuff but, my pay sites are really cheap and they are pretty much paying my rent while I figure out what to do with my life with a disability that I worry is maybe permanent, because none of the physical therapy has helped.  So yeah, these photos are very NSFW because I was shooting for Hustler at the time and I would have pitched these to them but for the whole never getting edited thing, so they are more sexual than I would shoot for my personal work. 

Now click here to see the unpublished photos of Skin Diamond from 2014 and many, many more NSFW photos. 

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