Charlotte Sartre Returns

Almost a year ago I was in Las Vegas, basically just out there to photograph people, but the people I had lined up totally flaked on me and I ended up only doing two shoots in three days. Those two shoots were with two of my favorite models ever, who of course didn’t flake. I have already uploaded the photos of Heather Vahn, and today you get the first ever photos taken of Charlotte Sartre’s new boobs. I realize that it’s way too late for it to be exiting, but god dammit, it’s still historic. 

Before we do anything else, I wanted to let you know that there is a video on my OnlyFans right now of here taking the bandages off. It’s honestly not nearly as gross as it sounds and it’s kinda ASMRy with the vibe of one of those “strangely satisfying” videos where people pull off the protective covers on screens. 

Now the reason this is so late is two fold, the first is that because of my back injury I haven’t really been shooting and I honestly I have just run out of stuff to post so I am stretching everything out. I do have one upcoming shoot planned, but if you know anyone I should take photos of in NYC which requires me to move as little as possible let me know. The other reason this is late is because I had this idea that we would do her boob reveal as an NFT. So you would buy the NFT and get access to the photos and videos before anyone else. But a few days before we took these photos the crypto market crashed and the NFT market followed and it didn’t seem like a good time. By the time things picked up again she had already posted the videos to her OF and I had decided I wanted my juggalos to be my first photo NFTs

I should also mention that these photos have been on Girls of DBB for a week now. The photos over there are in high res and have a number of exclusive more explicit shots. Both Girls of DBB and my OnlyFans are so cheap that they seem very worth it. I wish I could just combine them, but whatever, they gotta be in two places for now. Sign up to them both for the most DBB points. 

Okay, now click here to see the first ever photos of Charlotte Sartre’s new boobs!

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre

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