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It’s been a minute since I updated and before I get to some pictures I just wanted to do an old school blog and just update you guys on my life and some stuff in the future and all that. 

First of all, let’s talk about my back. As you may know I injured myself last September. I herniated a disc and there’s not really much you can do for that other than physical therapy so I did three months of that. At the same time I got a series of steroid shots to help the pain and for a few weeks here and there I was able to walk for more than a few blocks. Shortly before Christmas I got an epidural and that really helped for about a month, but it also happened to be the same time as I got Covid. I was fine but it cancelled Christmas so after I got better I went and visited my family. So I missed  weeks of PT in the process. The other thing that was happening was that even though my back was better from the shot, I was still feeling pain in my hip. Originally they though my hip was just hurting because of my back but I finally got an MRI and it turned out that I had a labral tear and some other small things wrong with my hip. Luckily there is a more specific treatment plan for that and I started physical therapy again after taking a few months off. I also got a shot in my hip which helped a bit and finally another epidural in my spine yesterday. My hope is that during the next month or so while the pain is bearable I can do a lot to strengthen my hip and my core so I can function once the pain meds run their course. 

Now, the reason I was waiting to get another epidural was so that I could time it with a trip to LA. My brother had his first child and I am very pumped to be an uncle. I am going to meet my nephew Tommy Smith on Sunday. Normally when I go to LA I shoot a ton while I am there but this trip is a bit different. Not only will I be spending time with my family (my parents are there for the first 5 days too) but my girlfriend is coming with me and it’s her vacation and she’s never been to LA so we gotta do a bunch of fun touristy stuff… mostly eating and going to the beach I think. My hope is that I can get a couple of shoots done as well while I am there but who knows what I am going to have time for. We are also going to Palm Springs and the Salton Sea which should make for some good photos. After that we are headed to Vegas and I am going to one day of the NFL Draft and will shoot a bunch of photos there which I don’t think you care about but you never know. The draft is the 29th-31st of April so expect my next update on here around the first of the month. 

In other news my NFT collection Same Old City has almost sold out. Of the 20 photos, 19 of them are gone. I don’t know how many people here care about NFTs but if you do I am airdropping everyone a photo once the collection finally does sell out so might be a good opportunity to get two NFTs for the price of one. My other NFT collection, Juggalos, hasn’t done quite a well. Unlike Same Old City, I don’t think the juggalos appeal to an international audience. I have still sold a bunch of them and will slowly be releasing more over time but they are very affordable and there’s a lot of great shots left. And lastly on the NFT front I contributed some photos to a collection of found slides called Carousel Curated. There are so many amazing photos in this, so if nothing else take a minute to look through them.

And now for the nudes…

A while ago I posted these photos of Chloe Metcalfe and Faith Irving. People seemed to love them. The plan originally was to shoot them during the day but then Faith got really bored the day before and so her and I met up to do some public nudity stuff, but then it started raining so we went back to the hotel and Chloe was there so we all shot and you got the photos you saw last time. 

Well Chloe wanted her own photos and of course I obliged. I came back to the hotel the next day and we shot a bunch. Faith was doing some other shit so she couldn’t shoot, but she did make a little cameo in the background. I have a feeling you will spot it. 

If you wanna see these photos in higher res and with a few extras head on over to Girls of DBB. These pics have been up there already for a few days. I also have some BTS video from this shoot on my OnlyFans too including a video I am going to upload as soon as I hit send on this post. 

Okay there’s a nice long update with a bunch of photos. Enjoy! See you guys at the end of the month!

Click here to see all the photos of Chloe Metcalfe!

Chloe Metcalfe

Chloe Metcalfe

Chloe Metcalfe

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