Heather Vahn Sculpts

Heather Vahn is one of my favorite people. Like honestly I can’t explain how great she is, but she also looks really great naked so she happens to be wonderful to photograph too. It’s honestly a great deal for me as someone who likes nice people and hot people. She’s just a good friend to have like that. She also is a fish keeper which I deeply appreciate. You can see her incredible Flowerhorn at the end of this gallery, but I don’t think you need me to talk about my love cichlids right now do you?

One of my favorite things to do on a photo shoot is just to tell the model to do whatever she would do normally, just maybe do it with less clothes. When I was in Vegas and met up with Heather she was about to sculpt some shit so I said, let’s do that. That sounds amazing. She threw on a Versace robe that probably cost about as much as my rent and started sculpting while I took photos. Her sculpture is honestly impressive and I probably should have taken some photos of it so you could see the final product but I failed at that.

As the light was going down we went on her incredible balcony and took some more photos out there. I decided to save those as exclusive photos just for Girls of DBB so if you want to see a whole bonus shoot on her balcony you gotta sign up for Girls of DBB.

After the light really went down we turned on the light she uses to sculpt with and I shot her with really harsh light that actually made for some great shots. She also happened to be naked at that point so you will probably enjoy those. She didn’t finish the sculpture while I was with her but we did film some videos of her making it that you might dig. I put them on my OnlyFans slowly over the last few months but today I uploaded a full video of her sculpting instructional. It’s pretty great but we never really ended the video. I hit her up to see if she could send me a finished clip for it but she’s out of town so you are just gonna have to imagine. 

Oh and at the end of this shoot she showed me her fish, so you can enjoy that too if you are some sort of aquarium nerd like I am, even if not, it’s probably cool to see nudes lit only with an aquarium light?

Click here to see a bunch of photos of the wonderful Heather Vahn. 

Heather Vahn

Heather Vahn

Heather Vahn

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