Siri Dahl

Now that we got all of the lost 2019 photos out of the way we have moved back into 2020. I shot a bunch of stuff in January in Vegas and LA before the world ended and while I have posted a bunch of that in the past I still got a few more galleries left starting with Siri Dahl. I knew all about Siri years ago and we even talked about working on a big project together but we never actually met. She eventually retired from being a professional naked person and I didn’t hear from her in years.

Fast forward to AVN 2020 when she came out of retirement and started shooting again. She had been doing a podcast about her “Life After Adult” and then suddenly she was doing adult all over again. She even gave herself a new stage last name which is probably a lot easier to google since when she started in the industry Apple’s Siri didn’t exist yet.

I walking around the convention center with my pal Sovereign Syre during the Adult Expo and Sov finally introduced me to Siri in real life. She put in a good word and later that day I was up in Siri’s hotel room taking photos. Siri and I got along real well because she is awesome and after the AVN Awards ran into her and I ended up in an Uber with her and Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q and Ella Nova to a very weird party at a mansion in the middle of nowhere and I’m not sure if it was a wild night but it was a very strange one and I think it was daylight when I got back to my hotel room. 

So yeah now Siri and I are clearly best friends and I can’t wait to take photos of her again and hopefully end up at some awful party in the middle of nowhere because honestly how great would it be to go to even an awful party again. I mean we took a party bus home, do you have any idea how much I want to go on a party bus? And I have never wanted to go on a party bus.

Wrapping up we need to plug the things. If you wanna see these photos in high res plus some more explicit shots make sure to go to Girls of Driven By Boredom. If you want to see a few videos of Siri from this shoot you can check my OnlyFans. I put two videos up today but there are two others on there if you search for them. And lastly, I found my old Amazon wish list for my website yesterday and if you want to buy me some film for Christmas I will send you something in return. Just saying. 

Anyway, I should be back for some annual Christmas post but honestly I have nothing so it’s gonna be some old recycled content or maybe nothing? I don’t even know. Pretty sure I am not gonna shoot anything new tomorrow. Okay, now go look at some Siri nudes!

Click here to see all my NSFW photos of Siri Dahl!

Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl




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