Obligatory Christmas Post

I feel like every year I do some sort of Christmas post but this is not like every year. I haven’t left my apartment today and I haven’t seen anyone and I spent an hour today zooming with my parents and brother and then another with my less immediate family. I haven’t exactly felt festive. As miserable, pessimistic and Godless as I am I actually like Christmas. I like seeing my family and my parent’s dog and eating food and I like getting stuff I would never buy myself and I like buying people stuff they would never buy for themselves and the whole thing. This year all my family’s gifts got lost in the mail and haven’t even left Brooklyn despite the fact that I mailed them 11 days ago. Merry Christmas. 

Honestly I am not sure what the point of this post is. I don’t have anything new for you and who wants to read about someone else bitching about the pandemic again? No one needs that. I did post some outtakes from my 2016 Christmas card on my OnlyFans but most of that stuff I posted on Twitter back then. Nothing new. 

I guess I got one thing but it’s just sentimental and not at all content you would come here for. My brother edited together a bunch of old home movies for the family for Christmas and I put a 20 second clip (of a 45 min video) of my brother as a cute baby and me playing with a toy gun in a cowboy outfit on my Instagram so I guess you could look at that if you wanted to and hadn’t seen it already. 

Yeah honestly I just feel some sort of compulsive need to put this post up just because I said I was going to in my last post. There is honestly no point of this and I am just gonna watch football and go to sleep now. I got nothing. I’m out. See you guys in 2021. Merry Christmas. 


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