Sovereign Syre In Another Creepy Motel

I have shot Sovereign Syre three times now and all three times have been in hotels or motels. The first time was in Vegas in a super fancy hotel but then we shot at the terrifying and haunted Cecil and this set was shot at this super budget motel in LA that I rented sometime last year. When I go out to LA for a couple weeks at a time hotels get fucking expensive and I love the esthetic of shitty motels even if I don’t enjoy staying in them.

Sov rules even if the lighting doesn’t and I guess this makes back to back sets with terrible color balance. I realize I could do something to correct this shit but I also don’t want to. I like to pretend that I like everything raw and untouched but really I just hate using Photoshop. It’s fucking boring.

Important to note is that this set was on Girls Of Driven By Boredom all day yesterday and the new set that I am posting tomorrow is on there already. That means if you sign up for Girls of DBB you get to find out who the next model is for this wonderful NSFW Week celebration we are having. Plus you get some rad extra creepy shots of Sov’s butt and stuff. You need that in your life probably.

And remember Girls of DBB is 20% off this week using the code “nsfwweek”!

Now click here to see all the sexy photos of Sovereign Syre and I will see you guys tomorrow with more babes!

Sovereign Syre

Sovereign Syre

Sovereign Syre

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