Amarna Miller & Silvia Rubi

Headed to New Orleans today for a mini vacation with my lady friend. My whole life is a vacation so I don’t really do relaxing very well but I am going to fucking try. I am sure I will take some photos and we also picked a terrible time to go (50 degrees and rainy all week!) but I wouldn’t expect any updates this week. 

I wanted to get something ready to go so I edited one of the last shoots I did because it was still on my computer and not a hard drive. It actually was on my camera’s memory card for a week because I didn’t shoot anything for a while after I got back from my most recent trip to LA. 

Anyway, I met these two cute Spanish porn stars, Amarna Miller and Silvia Rubi  at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas. I posted the picture I took of them and mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to shoot them. They got back to me right away and a few hours later they were naked on a roof at the Hard Rock. (You can see those photos right now on Girls of DBB!)

I hung out with them a bunch over the weekend and probably took way too many photos. I wanted to shoot them again when we were all in LA the following week so they came over to my weird hotel room and we took a ton of pictures of them just fucking around.

This is one of those shoots where the quality of the photography doesn’t really matter. I was shooting with flash and they were just wrestling each other and we were all laughing and just having a weird time. It was a lot of fun and I think we got some great photos — both funny and sexy ones — that are pretty mediocre photographically. 

It actually reminds me a lot of one of my favorite sets ever, with Skin and Asphyxia (also in Vegas!). They just got high and I took random photos of them wrestling. This was pretty much the same except Silvia and Amarna had beers instead of weed. All of it really fun/funny.

This set is huge and the edit I posted on Girls of DBB is even bigger. It has 22 extra photos that are extra explicit and all of them in high resolution. That’s like a whole bonus set with nothing but vagina shots. Good times.

Okay, I edited these photos and am writing this post on a train from DC to NYC and this is getting kinda long so I am gonna go now.

But click here to see all the photos of Spanish babes Silvia Rubi and Amarna Miller wrestling naked in a creepy Hollywood motel room!

Ps. None of these photos are even slightly safe for work. This one photo preview below is the best I could do.

 Amarna Miller & Slivia Rubi

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