Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl – 2.23.15

Tomorrow Tuesday the 3rd I am throwing a party with Boobs of Bushwick at the Rookery in Bushwick Brooklyn. You need to come to it because it should be a wild time.

Okay, now let’s back up. I met Kate Chip at the Dinner With Igor book release party. Prince Terrence was DJing and told me I had to meet her because she runs a Tumblr called Boobs of Bushwick and she had her shirt off before I could even say hi. Clearly we have common interests.

I checked out the Tumblr and I was all about it. Kate asked me to be involved in the first annual Boobs of Bushwick party and of course I said yes. Prince Terry was DJing and the Rookery is pretty near my apartment and there will be boobs so how could I say no?

I then came up with an idea of how we could promote the party! We would do a Boobs of Bushwick bar crawl! Kate grabbed a bunch of her friends including two of my old friends and we all met at the Rookery. From there we walked to The Bodega and then to Montana’s Trail Bar and then ended up at Tandem to end the night.

I took a ton of topless photos in the bars and outside and it was so fucking cold out that we had to run out, shoot and run back in. It was a lot of fun anyway. Even some random stranger at Tandem got involved. It was kinda great.

Anyway, it is totally legal to be topless in NYC and while we could probably get in trouble for promoting it or being topless in a bar I think it’s a pretty good excuse to get topless and drunk at the same time. So come to the Rookery tomorrow and drink booze and take your clothes off and I will take photos of you unless you don’t want me to. Whatever the case if you are a dude try not to be creepy but you can be topless too. All manor of boobs are welcome!

See you guys tomorrow! 

And now look at all the NSFW photos from the Boobs of Bushwick Bar Crawl!!

Ps. All these photos plus a few bonus ones are are available in high resolution on Girls of DBB!

Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl

Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl

Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl

Boobs Of Bushwick Party

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    Would you guys like to hang out on boats this summer around nyc .? Hit me up at

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