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You can file this under stuff you don’t care about.

I have done so much weird shit in my life that you probably wouldn’t expect based on everything else about me. I was thinking recently about creating a resume featuring just the stuff I have done that isn’t related to photography. The #1 thing on that list is founding the world’s largest Miami Dolphins fan club: Dolfans NYC.

Today Dolfans NYC released two videos from the events we through around the NY Jets/Miami Dolphins Monday Night Football game in December. My Dolphins won and we through one hell of a tailgate so I was happy even though our season was all downhill from there.

It took us a while to get the videos together but they are finally out. The first one is from the Dolfans NYC pre-party we through the Sunday before the game. A ton of people were in town from all over the country so we wanted to show them our bar Slattery’s and have some fun. It was a pretty good time.

The second video is the tailgate and footage from the actual game. We had 1200 people sitting together and it was a pretty amazing time even though it was fucking freezing. A ton of Dolphins players shouted us out after the game. It’s a pretty great feeling knowing that you impacted the game in some small way.

I know 99% of you don’t but if you want to know more you can read my post about it over on Dolfans NYC or go back and look at the original write up I did on DBB with my photos from the events.

Now even if you don’t care about this shit you should watch the second video. It’s a pretty impressive thing we have built. Enjoy, or something.



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