Isle Of Dogs Portraits

I’ve had some amazing opportunities presented to me over the last decade of my professional photography career, but without a doubt the best gig of my life happened last Wednesday. I reached out to my friend Sarah who is the director of national publicity for Fox Searchlight to see if she could get me into a press junket or something because I am working on my first portfolio in years and I wanted some newer celebrity portraiture. I thought she was kindly blowing me off when said “I’ll let you know if I can think of anything” but then a week or two later she texted me “Would you want to shoot the cast of the new Wes Anderson movie holding rescue puppies?” and suddenly I had the best job any photographer has ever had.

In the end we ended up doing two completely different photo shoots at the same time time. Best Friends Animal Society met us at the dog friendly Peninsula Hotel where we had two rooms set up. One for the puppies and one for the photo shoots. I don’t usually use lights, but I bought some cheap LED video lights because I knew we had a ton of setups and I basically had to build photo booths for the puppies.

The first shoot was dressing up puppies in Wes Anderson costumes. We knew this was going to be really tricky so we had some ringers. Fox Searchlight organized a group of six “Instagram famous” pups that we knew would be able to pose well with costumes on. The rescue pups would be much trickier. I spent the morning trying to get these adorable rescue puppies to sit still long enough to get a shot of them in these two little puppy photo booths I set up. Luckily I had the help of the Best Friends volunteers, my assistant Steph and Sarah’s boyfriend Snake (don’t ask). We found that the puppers wouldn’t eat their costumes if they were already eating treats so Steph and Mike kept the pups distracted with food while I kept shooting.

Later in the afternoon the rockstar dogs showed up. They were so happy to be in these costumes and they would just sit there posing for photos. It was so incredibly easy to get them to pose, especially after dealing with wild puppies all morning. We had Quincy Fox dressed up as Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mad Max Fluffyroad dressed as up as Max Fischer from Rushmore, Muppet’s Revenge as Steve Zissou from Life Aquatic, Menswear Dog as Richie Tenenbaum, and Walter Cronkite & Iverson the Labradoodle dressed up as Monsieur Gustave & Madame Céline from Grand Budapest Hotel. Plus Sarah’s dog Cricket Jean got to play Chas Tenenbaum and his kids with a couple tiny rescue pups. All of this was so goddamn adorable and they were so easy to shoot until we did a group shot. All the dogs have different commands to get them to sit still and suddenly it was chaos, but we managed to pull it off somehow.

While we were doing all the doggy dress up I was taking breaks to shoot the Isle of Dogs cast whenever they were ready. I had several shots planned by the windows of the hotel room, knowing that I wouldn’t need lights for those. Liev Schreiber and and Bob Balaban came in and we knocked their shoots out in under five minutes each. I might not be the greatest portrait photographer on earth, but I am very good at getting something usable, very, very quickly.

Jeff Goldblum showed up earlier than planned so I photographed him by one of the windows as well. I had another shot planned for him but shooting him was incredibly easy. He was every bit as Jeff Goldblum as one would expect and sang to the puppy the entire time. I actually got a video of him singing and I have been sending it to my friends all week because it’s so good. Go watch it.

After that I had to switch to my lighting set ups again. I actually shot my favorite Law & Order ADA Courtney B. Vance in one of the dog photo booth set ups. We just raised the lights and we were good to go. The only shot I didn’t have planned out was for the Isle of Dogs human star, Koyu Rankin. I decided I would just figure out when he showed up because he’s 10 and all 10 year old’s love puppies. I was right and I just shot him in this random chair in the room and the only reason it took more than three minutes is because he wanted to play with the puppies so I just kept shooting.

Finally we moved up to the hotel bar. It was the best lit room in the entire hotel and I knew it would be the perfect place to shoot Wes Anderson with his c0-writers Jason Schwartzman and Kunichi Nomura. Wes just wanted to do the group shot and I knew I could shoot all three of them without any lights on this couch right by the window. What I didn’t really consider was how hard it was going to be to get three people and three puppies to pose for a photo. I ended up getting some useable shots but this was the only one I wasn’t really happy about. I also used the same couch to shoot all the Instagram dogs together which I thought would make for a funny Easter egg for anyone who saw both shoots.

All I can say about shooting Tilda Swinton is that she is the most unreal looking person I’ve ever met. I saw her walking down the street a few years ago and she was like this glowing space alien. She is so stunning looking that she had no choice in life but to be famous. She plays a pug in Isle of Dogs and one of the Fox Searchlight crew has an adorable pug named Elvira so we had to shoot them together. The difference in skin (fur?) tone between Tilda & Elvira was so drastic, but it ended out working perfectly and I kinda want to make this photo into a greeting card or something.

When I first saw the bar on the roof of the Peninsula Hotel I saw it I knew I wanted to shoot Bill Murray sitting there with a puppy next to him drinking out of a bowl. Unfortunately all the bowls we had were way too big so he ended up with a shot glass of water. Bill Murray was one of the first big celebrity portraits of my career. I had shot plenty of celebrities before but it was mostly out at parties so when I shot him with Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek back in 2010 for their movie Get Low it was the first time I had ever really been star struck at a shoot. This time I was too stressed out about the shoot to be nervous but Bill Murray easily the greatest person who ever lived. I asked Sarah to clear the room because everyone was in the shot at the back of the bar, and she was trying her best, but Bill decided he would get shit done. He just started screaming at everyone to get out as if he was this petulant star like that famous Christian Bale rant, but he was completely joking about it. Still, it worked and I had an empty background to shoot him and the puppy. Every second of shooting him was entertaining and we got probably the greatest photo I have ever taken.

Anyway, this is a crazy long update, but it was my favorite shoot of all time so what are you gonna do. I just wanted to thank Sarah and everyone from Fox Searchlight for trusting me enough to do this thing. Thanks to Steph and Snake for help on the job and of course thanks to Best Friends for providing all the rescue pups. I have actually photographed a benefit for Best Friends before and I hope I can work with them again.

Now here’s the result of all the hard work:

Click here to see the Isle of Dogs cast portraits on Vulture.

Click here to see the puppies in Wes Anderson costumes on Buzz Feed.

And click here to see a bunch of outtakes from both shoots plus a handful of red carpet photos from the dog friendly Paw Prints screening of Isle of Dogs at IFC Center that happened right after the shoot.

Jeff Goldblum

Maxine As Max Fischer

Tilda Swinton

Cricket As Chaz Tenenbaum

Courtney B. Vance

Menswear Dog As Richie Tenenbaum

Bill Murray

Moonrise Kingdog

Bob Balaban Wes Anderson Dogs

Jason Schwartzman, Wes Anderson & Kunichi Nomura


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AVN Awards Video!

When the AVN Awards aired I happened to be at my parent’s house in DC and I actually got to watch it. Back in NYC I do not have cable much less fancy things like premium channels. What I do have is the internets and I managed to get a clip of my segment from the awards if you wanna check that out.

The video is really about Jillian Janson who was nominated for Female Performer of the Year but I got to do a shoot with her for the video. They interviewed me and Jillian about our first shoot which I should probably publish sooner rather than later. It was under the Santa Monica Pier and was a ton of fun. Jillian is great as I have probably mentioned before.

This video also features some truly terrible acting from myself and features a misspelling of the word Boredom in Driven By Boredom which happens all the time. I really wish I owned but some asshole bought it and put spam there so please learn how to spell boredom everyone.

Sadly the video does NOT feature the part where we snuck into the kitchen at the Hard Rock for a shoot and got kicked out by security. It would have been amazing but they didn’t have release forms and things so they couldn’t use the video. Tragic.

Anyway, watch this video and don’t forget to look at the photos Jillian and I shot for it if you haven’t already. Also thanks to Scott and Jeff and the crew who filmed this thing for including me!


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And Now The Rest Of The 2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos…

Okay! This is it! The final 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos post and now I can go on vacation! Because I was just trying to figure out how to get these up as fast as possible this gallery is massive. This gallery has over 400 images and I am gonna scroll through them now and see if I see anything worth talking about. Let’s go!

Most of these are just random crowd shots and juggalo portraits that didn’t make it into any of the other galleries. I shot a lot of face paint and tattoos and signs for Noisey and the LA Weekly (links below) so there’s a lot of that stuff in here. Can you spot the selfie these girls made me take with them? There’s a bunch of Wolfpac and Busey Beauty stuff in here so lot’s of eye candy if you are creepy like that. There are some party photos in here too from the late night party tents they have set up. Also these images are all in order so you will get to night time photos and when day time photos hit again that’s the next day. That’s probably common sense but whatever.

Day three and day four have some juggalo fight club stuff in it. I have been covering that for years but it didn’t really deserve it’s own post this year. Sadly one of my favorite juggalos, Nebraska Warrior, finally lost his title to a wrestler named Strychnine which I assume he spells incorrectly cause that’s a real juggalo thing to do. It was a good match though. There are a bunch of photos from Miss Juggalette which I shot for the LA Weekly. It’s just girls standing on stage but there was a nice moment when the winner talked about her social anxiety and how she just entered to help get over her fear. Everyone started crying and hugged her. I was rooting for her because she did a Jessica Rabbit performance and was also not wearing underwear.

Anyway that’s kinda it. Lemme just throw up the links to all my coverage down here so I can come back to this later to see everything if I need to find it and you can lurk it as well if you haven’t already.

Driven By Boredom Coverage:

LA Weekly Coverage:

Noisey Coverage:

Chicagoist Coverage:

And now finally click here to see the rest of the photos from the 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos!

2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2016 Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Ford Models For Teen Vogue

I try to be a fairly diverse photographer. I like shooting stuff people don’t expect from me. I like that my resume features both Penthouse and the Library Journal. I like that I have covered Antiques Roadshow and the Gathering of the Juggalos. I like that I have shot portraits of Oscar winners and AVN winners. So when Ford Models asked me to shoot some photos for a Teen Vogue piece they were working on I jumped at the chance.

I showed up at the Waldorf Astoria to basically shoot behind the scenes photos for a video Ford was working on for Teen Vogue. The concept was what models do the night before New York Fashion Week and basically I got to photograph a bunch of Ford Models having a slumber party. The idea was to use my images for a slideshow that would go along with the video but they actually ended up only using one image to illustrate the post and another image that was pushed to social.

I was a little disappointed they only used two photos but that’s how this shit works and it was still a good experience plus now I get to show you the rest of the photos. Keep in mind these photos were shot with the idea that the end product was going to be high contrast back and white so I used on camera flash and didn’t care about color balance, mostly bouncing off the cream colored ceilings or walls.

I will have another gallery of some more NYFW stuff I did for Ford soon, but in the mean time after you look at my photos make sure you check out the video we made!

Now click here to see a gallery of Ford Models having a NYFW slumber party at the Waldorf Astoria.

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

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The Final 2015 Gathering Of The Juggalos Post

This is it. The very last 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos update. You made it! Now we can go back to naked porn stars and hipster parties and shit. Get excited. As soon as I get back from vacation I will hit you with a few naked babes to make up for all the juggalos.

This post is just a dump of everything left over from the Gathering. It starts with the very first photo I took of a car that was being signed by everyone and ends with a photo of some wrestlers moving a safe. (Just FYI I was told on good authority that the car was signed by Tech N9ne’s tattoo artist so it’s pretty valuable.)

In here we have a lot of juggalo photos that weren’t quite good enough to make the Juggalo Portraits gallery plus photos of stuff for sale, some crowd shots, pictures of juggalo campsites and vehicles and some of the Wolfpac/ Psychopathic Radios events that didn’t make it in the fight club update. There’s also some juggalo tattoos and some pictures of juggalos getting tattoos. No photo of my new juggalo tattoo though…

So that’s it for the photos, but I also wanted to include a list of all of the articles and photo galleries I had published in different outlets across the internet.

We Followed Electronic Punk Rappers Ho99o9 To Their First ‘Gathering Of The Juggalos’ Festival
Inside The Gathering Of The Juggalos’ Annual Bare Knuckling Boxing Competition
Waka Flocka Won Over A Skeptical Gathering Of The Juggalos Crowd By Force
No Frowns In Clown Town: The People At The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2015
Behind The Scenes At The Gathering Of The Juggalos’ Most Infamous Stage Show

Rolling Stone:
See Freaky, Fiery Photos From The 2015 Gathering Of The Juggalos

Get Weird With Our NSFW Photos From The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Now click here to see the massive gallery of the rest of my 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos photos!

Adios Juggalos

Mr. Juggalo Pageant

Mother & Daughter Face Tattoos


Team Vice

Colt Cabana & OG Kevin Gill

Wolfpac Weirdness

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Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos – 7.22.15

Headed back to NYC today after four days hanging with insane clowns and then a quick trip to Indianapolis. Assuming I don’t miss my flight I will be in NYC just in time to get stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home. On Thursday I go on a mini vacation so I am going to try to get as many Gathering of the Juggalos galleries up as possible before I leave.

We start with the beginning: Ho99o9. If you have been following my site I shot the punk/rap band Ho99o9 at SXSW and then again at their record release party in LA. When I found out they were playing the Gathering I knew I had to see them again but I took it a step farther and pitched the idea of following them to Noisey. What I thought was going to be a paragraph with a photo essay turned out to be a proper article about the trip with just a handful of photos for illustration.

So instead of me blogging anymore, just read my Noisey article about Ho99o9!

And then if you want to see more photos click here to see a full gallery Ho99o9at the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos


Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos



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Hustler AVN Issue Outtakes

Back in January during the AVN Awards in Vegas I did some sort of photo documentary of the “behind the scenes” of the awards and the Adult Entertainment Expo for Hustler Magazine. The issue came out on Tuesday and you should clearly go buy it. It has 15 of the raddest babes in porn including a bunch of girls I have photographed before like Ash Hollywood, Veruca James, Katie St. Ives, Eve Cates and of course Skin Diamond & Asphyxia Noir and while in Vegas I shot mini shoots with Alaina Fox and Sovereign Syre that I have already published. It also features a bunch of girls I have never photographed before but always wanted to shoot like April O’Neil, Charlotte Stokely, Sasha Pain, Ela Darling and the amazing Stoya!

The shoot with Samantha Bentley and Lexi Lowe didn’t make it into the issue because of messed up paperwork.  I aslo shot Kimberly Kane for the issue but we had to cut some pictures for space so she was the first to go because she is pretty much the person I am closest to in life so I knew she wouldn’t care if she made it in or not. I was right.

Anyway, I did bigger shoots with a bunch of people that I will be posting in the future, but in the case of Stoya, Veruca, Katie, Evelyn and KK I only shot a few photos of them each so I put them all together in one gallery and decided to post it today to promote the issue. So go buy it!

And then click here to see outtakes of Stoya, Veruca James, Katie St. Ives, Eve Cates and Kimberly Kane from my AVN Awards “behind the scenes” editorial in the August 2013 issue of Hustler Magazine!


Kimberly Kane

Eve Cates Signs

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Models & Rappers Interview

My friend Ibra Ake interviewed me for his website Models and Rappers. I realize I am neither a model or a rapper, but I guess since I take photos of models and rappers that I am somehow relevant to his blog. I met Ibra at a hotel party thrown by comedian/rapper Donald Glover. Ibra is Donald’s friend/photographer/designer and Donald had showed Ibra my work. Ibra was psyched on my photography, which normally makes me uncomfortable but Ibra is a fantastic photographer himself so it was great to meet him. Anyway, Ibra started this site a few months ago and has been interviewing a ton of people so clearly you should check his site out, but more importantly you should check out his interview with me, because I am awesome.

Ibra came over and he asked me about my favorite clients, best advice I had received and we talked about the positives and negatives of shooting naked girls. I showed Ibra my infamous nude Polaroid collection and pulled out some prints for him to look through. Ibra turned the whole thing into a pretty awesome interview with me. I sent him a bunch of random photos that I had high res shots of laying around so they aren’t exactly the most relevant images to the interview, but there is some new shots that no one has ever seen before in there as well.

So check out the NSFW video below and read Ibra’s actual post because it has a nice write up to go along with it. I particularly like this part:

“Igor makes it a point to take pictures everywhere, whether he’s getting paid to or not. After looking through the massive collection of outrageous images he keeps at his apartment, I realized he’s on to something: The more you shoot, the more likely you are to get interesting shots. It’s kind of obvious, but it’s a good reminder for all aspiring photographers.”

I only really have three points of advice for anyone who wants to be a photographer. Shoot photos all the time, develop a personal style and don’t work for free. I will be billing you for that. Thank you and goodnight.

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Lloyd Kaufman Village Voice Cover Shoot

One of the highlights of my photo career is in little red boxes all over New York City right now. After close to four years of working for the web version of the Village Voice I finally got to shoot a print cover, and not just any cover, I got to shoot Lloyd Kaufman. If you don’t know, Lloyd Kaufman is the co-founder of Troma Studios the world’s longest running independent film studio in the world. Lloyd and his crew have been making and distributing some of the worst best films known to man. When I was 14 or 15 a friend who worked at a video store introduced me to the sick world of Troma and I have been hooked ever since. Lloyd Kaufman is one of my heroes and to be able to shoot him for my first Voice cover is a huge honor.

The story was written by my juggalo anthropologist partner in crime Camille Dodero. We traveled to the Gathering of the Juggalos, not once, but twice and we will be forever bonded in Faygo.  I was so psyched she brought me along on her Tromatic journey. You need to read her article on Lloyd!

When the Voice’s photo editor started talking to me about the shoot all I could think about was putting Lloyd in a tutu and having him pose as the Toxic Avenger. Toxie, as he is lovingly called, was the first Troma superhero and The Toxic Avenger was Troma’s first big hit in 1984 and pretty much the basis for everything that has come since. Toxie fights crime with a broom dressed in a tutu and luckily for me the 66 year old Lloyd was ready to take off his pants and put on the pink skirt. The issue was due to come out on July 4th and the original poster for the Toxic Avenger featured Toxie standing in front of an American flag. Troma already had a green screen set up in their office so we just remade the poster with Lloyd as Toxie. It was perfect.

I shot a ton of other photos of Lloyd as well and I was also given a tour of Troma’s Long Island City office. There is so much weird stuff in there and I got to take photos of it all.  After the photo shoot there was a casting for Troma’s newest film, a remake of their classic “Class of Nuke ’em High”. My friend Zac was actually the first person to audition and he ended up getting completely naked and vomiting fake green puke all over the place. Zac is not a skinny man and the whole thing was quite horrific in the best possible way. I decided you need to see all of these out takes so I am providing a wonderful gallery of pictures of Lloyd, the Troma offices and a naked fat man puking. Be warned it is very not safe for work.

So yeah, read Camille’s article and then click right here to see all my outtakes from the Lloyd Kaufman Village Voice shoot and my tour of Troma Studios!

Lloyd Kaufman Village Voice Cover

Lloyd Kaufman

Lloyd Kaufman In His Office

The Troma Vault

Lloyd And The Troma IT Department

Troma Film Archives

Lloyd Getting Murdered

Welcome To Tromaville, NJ

Lloyd Kaufman & Toxie Dodero

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