Burning Angel AVN Party – 1.7.11

So my last Vegas update is probably the craziest. It is at least the most naked. Burning Angel threw a party at a bar called the Black Door.  I didn’t really know anything about the party until I was asked to pick up these two BA girls Skin and Asphyxia from the bus station.  Those two girls are two of the hottest Burning Angel girls I haven’t met yet and I was pretty happy to pick them up despite it being way out of my way.  I took them back to their hotel and later met up with Joanna Angel and a bunch more BA girls and friends and crazy people that all piled into a giant party bus and headed off to this bar.  The madness in the party bus was a clear indication that shit was going to get really weird.  When we got off the bus the G4 network was there to video tape the party. Shit seemed ready to pop off… That is until we walked into the bar…

A bunch of bikers greeted us as we walked into this crowded metal bar. These people were not there for the porn party. They were there to see a band called Dirty Paradise or possibly Dirty Pair of Dice which seems like a funnier name.  The were doing originals when we walked in and everyone looked around like where the fuck are we?  We had a private little area and they gave us a lot of free booze and Dirty Paradise started doing Guns & Roses covers and shit and I started signing GNR really passionately to the girls. I hadn’t slept in a few days and I decided that Guns and Roses was going to wake me up. I am pretty sure I sang a song to Joanna’s vagina at some point. I wasn’t the only one to get crazy and quickly people started getting naked.

Jiz Lee really got that shit going.  She started getting girls naked and doing god knows what to them.  Let’s just say there are a few pictures from the night I decided would be best to be left unposted.  Everyone was making out and Jiz was slapping girls, pulling off clothes and just being fucking charming.  Between me and G4 it was all well documented and luckily people were playing it up for the cameras.  At some point I pulled Kleio Valentien, Skin Diamond and Asphyxia into bathrooms and did mini photo shoots with them. I think there is some really hot, and very NSFW stuff in this gallery.

Also, weirdly enough Dave Navaro showed up and started jamming with the cover band. (Evidently he owns the bar.) It was all a little bit surreal.  In the end I had a lot of fun and took a lot of crazy photos. Clearly you need to stop reading this and start looking at them.

Click here to see the pictures from the Burning Angel AVN party at the Black Door in Las Vegas.

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