Elizabeth Warren In NYC – 9.16.19

Monday night I photographed Elizabeth Warren’s rally at Washington Square park for Gothamist. You should go over there and read the article and look at my pictures. I took a ton of photos that they didn’t post so I figured I would do my own update with the outtakes as well. 

I also felt like I should take this time to talk a little bit about why I am supporting Elizabeth Warren for president. I ended up pitching this to Gothamist specifically because I wanted to go hear her speak. I actually think she’s very inspiring and the more I listen to her the more I like her. The last time I endorsed a political candidate in a primary was Obama in 2008 and I went back today and read it. He is a little more centrist than I am but I thought his ability to inspire people really important. Elizabeth Warren is no Obama in that regard but her anti-corruption and corporate greed message is something I can’t help but get excited about. That message is why I voted for Bernie in 2016, but Elizabeth Warren delivers that message with a lot more positivity and hope. 

As a progressive the only real options for me are Bernie and Warren. I mean I am certainly not voting for Bill de Blasio and I wish he would get back to work running our city. Castro I like but I don’t really think he has a chance. Cory Booker is a little moderate for me, but he seems like a very genuine person and I would be all in if he somehow won the nomination. If I didn’t know anything about Kamala Harris going into the debates she might be one of my favorite candidates, but I find it very hard to vote for a prosecutor. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t vote for Amy Klobuchar, that and because she’s a centrist who opposes medicare for all and her only argument for being president seems to be that she could maybe peel off some Trump voters. Speaking of mediocre centrists, Joe Biden is like Klobuchar except a man whose brain is melting in front of us. Biden offers no plan for America, just a platform that he’s an old white man who knows Obama. Buttigieg and Beto are both too moderate for me, but at least they are young and kind of interesting. I wish Beto ran for senate again, but at least Texas has a good candidate in MJ Hegar (give her money). I am not going to go through everyone else, but I will say I think the idea of Universal Basic Income is an interesting one and I am glad Yang is bringing attention to it. So it all comes down to Bernie and Warren, and I don’t even want to tell you my problems with Bernie because some zealot will start yelling at me on Twitter because his supporters are by far the worst thing about him. You are not helping your case by screaming at strangers on the internet, bro.

I would talk more about Warren’s speech the other night because it was really great, but you should just read about it on Gothamist. There was also this great WaPo editorial about it that I would recommend as well. Now let’s look at some photos from her rally. 

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Click here to see all my photos from the Elizabeth Warren rally at Washington Square Park.

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President


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  1. Morriy
    December 30th, 2019 | 8:39 pm

    Anyone can be inspired during election season. It honestly means nothing against the realities of politics. We need to get the fuck over ourselves first before we start telling our elected what to do. There is no point in being a public servant if your masters don’t have the clout to keep the system in check daily.

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