Hey, I Have A Portfolio Now

For several years I have been posting these throwback posts with the best of whatever year as I slowly went through my archives in order to organize every single photo I have ever taken. I finished that a few months ago and and started working on my first photo portfolio since 2009. Seriously look at this thing… Snooki is on it. I have never really needed a portfolio, but I also have missed out on some jobs over the years because I send people to this site or my Instagram and there’a ton of mediocre nudes and that’s not exactly ideal as far as getting corporate work. So I needed something with less nudity, and more commercial work and here we are.

After months of working on this thing I finally have a rough draft to show you guys. It’s not finished by any means, I haven’t shown it to anyone yet so I want to get some feedback. I also want to add a tear sheet section and some more 35mm stuff (although I do have a massively out of date 35mm portfolio). I still can’t write a bio for the life of me and the photo of me is a year and a half old and I don’t really like what I look like it in, but it’s the only vaguely professional looking photo I have since I grew out my hair (Thanks Chris King!) I also am thinking about hiring a retoucher to clean the shit up. I hate photoshop and I don’t really want my work to be photoshopped, but I also like getting paid so maybe cleaning some stuff up wouldn’t hurt… We shall see.

I might clean up my Instagram too. My Instagram is 70% random iPhone shots from photoshoots and it’s probably not a great way of looking at my work, but I have to assume most people are checking out my work on Instagram at this point. Then again I always tell myself I am going to do this and then I post some photo I like and it gets 40 likes and I just go back to posting random iPhone shots of girls. This is how social media is breaking my brain. I guess we will see how it goes. But don’t worry, I am not going to stop taking sexy photos any time soon, I just need to make more of an effort to show off my other work.

Okay, enough of this hemming and hawing about the future of my photography career. It’s time to go look at my portfolio. Let me know what you guys think. Leave a comment below or reach out via email or social media or something. Thanks a bunch for the feedback.

Now click here to see my new portfolio!

Jeff Goldblum

Crowd Surfing To Slayer

Kentucky Derby

Childish Gambino

Coathangers Get Tattooed By Oliver Peck

Miley Cyrus



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Kirra On Governors Island

I have known Kirra for a really long time, and I have taken her photo many, many times. She is one of my favorite models ever. Like Sammy, she lives super close to me so if I need to finish a roll or have some project she’s one of the first people I hit up. But for whatever reason we had never done a proper digital sexy photo shoot until we went to Governors Island together last fall. 

The one proper shoot I did with her was for her friend Joanna’s lookbook for her clothing company Koukla. We got some really nice photos, just none of them happened to be naked. A few months later we got on a ferry to Governors island and Joanna actually came with us to style Kirra. She actually ended up taking off her shirt randomly and got in a couple of photos herself! I am very pro-Joanna. 

On the island we had to sneak around a bit, but there were plenty of opportunities to take photos. There is a high school on the Island so we timed it to get there right after school got out, but we had to wait a bit before most of the kids went home so we started on the opposite end of the Island. We actually snuck into some areas that you technically aren’t supposed to be in where the buildings are abandoned and had some privacy, but there also was a bunch of standing water and as the sun started to go down a little bit we got mauled by mosquitos. 

We had to escape but by this time most of the people were off the island and we had some room to walk around with no one near us. When we were mostly done we had about an hour before the last ferry back so we hit one of the bars while we waited because I wanted to get some sunset shots. Right before the last boat we snuck off and got some shots. There were two people walking towards us in the distance so we were sort of just waiting them out, but when they got closer I realized that it was my buddy Wizard Skull and his friend. We ended up getting those last sunset shots and getting on the boat back to the city right before it took off.

All of the shots on my premium site Girls of Driven By Boredom are also on here, but I always want to give Girls of DBB some exclusive stuff so I went back through the last year and pulled a bonus gallery of 35mm shots just for Girls of DBB. There’s some shots from my new book and some shots from the shoot we did for my insane dental calendar on there plus some new stuff I’m working on and her tiny kitten. Fully worth the pennies per day it costs to join the site. Just saying. 

Okay, now go look at all the photos of Kirra (and a couple of Joanna) at Governors Island!



Kirra & Joanna





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A Different Sammy

Very recently I posted some photos of my friend Sammy. I have shot her a bunch and she lives really close to me so I will probably shoot her a million more times, but I shot a totally different girl named Sammy over a year ago, and then proceeded to lose the photos. I saw one of her photos on Instagram today and I realized, oh hey, I should post those photos. It’s just pretty funny that I have two Sammys nearly back to back.

I was introduced to Sammy #2, who goes by @strawberrykiwiemoji on Instagram, from a friend of a friend and I went over to her place and shot her all over her apartment. We shot some stuff in her room and then we hit the kitchen and then finally we shot some on just a white wall in her place and then back in her room once it was pretty much dark.

These photos needed to be color balanced and if you know anything about me, I am terrible at doing absolutely anything to photographs so I just put it off. I honestly thought I had done a pretty good job doing it, but then I looked at them all in a row and realized I hadn’t. Whatever, sue me. 

Okay, I don’t remember much else since this shoot was forever ago, but Sammy seemed rad and hopefully she doesn’t hate me for forgetting about her photos and maybe we will take some new photos one day. End of blog!

Click here to see the photos of Sammy Stawberrykiwiemoji…

PS. See them in high resolution here.

Sammy Strawberrykiwiemoji

Sammy Strawberrykiwiemoji

Sammy Strawberrykiwiemoji

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April O’Neil In NYC

Last week April O’Neil was visiting NYC and she text me and asked me if I wanted to take some photos of her topless in the streets of New York since that’s legal here. She didn’t have to ask twice. I jumped on the train and headed to her hotel and we shot a few photos of her near the Lincoln Tunnel. She grew up in the desert and lives in LA so she is not exactly a fan of the cold so she didn’t last long, so we headed back to her hotel room to finish the shoot.

If you are a long time visitor of this site you are probably pretty aware that I am a big fan of April. I met her nearly a decade ago but we didn’t get around to actually taking photos until 2013, but since then we have taken photos a bunch of times including these epic shots of her at Murphy’s Ranch and this really fun road trip we took up the California coast. She also is in pretty much every project I make including Instaxxx, Not Safe and Fuck LA.

Okay, that’s pretty much all I gotta say about that, except that I should mention that April asked me to shoot some slightly more explicit shots than normal so she would have some content for her OnlyFans site. You can find those photos there as well as on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Both of those sites are well worth spending your money on if you are the type of person who likes pretty ladies. Just saying. Now go look at the free photos…

Click here to see all the photos of April O’Neil’s trip to New York City. 

April O'Neil In NYC

April O'Neil In NYC

April O'Neil In NYC 

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Driven By Boredom Turns 18

On Friday Driven By Boredom turned 18. I started the site sitting in my college dorm room at Penn State University. I was bored out of my mind and not really going to classes but I knew how to code basic HTML and I spent a lot of time talking to my friends back home on Instant Messenger. My brother had started a website so I figured I could too. I had built a couple in high school by hand but they were really simple, but Driven By Boredom was going to be something I could update every day. I had never heard the word blog, but on March 1st, 2001 my blog was born. 

Over the years the site has seen a few redesigns (I have had this one since 2007 and it shows) but I have pretty consistently updated it almost that whole time. In 2003 I started managing a band and by 2005 Driven By Boredom was something I was barely ever working on other than to post info about the band. I tried to use Blogspot for a little bit but I only got a few updates in before I sort of abandoned it. In 2006 I moved to NYC and started taking photos in night clubs just because I was going out all the time and I take photos of everything. but party photography had become a thing and everyone was asking me where they could see the photos. So I convinced some friends to help me rebuild the site and we were back in business and I’ve been doing this every since.

Last year I forgot about the anniversary and had this whole plan to do a party or something for the 18th anniversary since my site is now old enough to look at my site, but I totally forgot again until a few days before and here we are days later and I still haven’t done anything for it. Not even an update until now. 

I have spent way too much time trying to organize my life and not enough time out shooting. I guess winter is somewhat to blame, and I  have been working on my new book, but still I have been uninspired recently, and I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been doing anything so long. To combat this feeling I decided to venture outside last night in the middle of a snowstorm and shoot some photos. I wanted to feel productive, but I had already taken my sleeping pills. I figured I wouldn’t be out very long anyway so I said fuck it and went for a walk.

I didn’t shoot right around my apartment because I don’t want you psychopaths knowing where I live but I only walked a few blocks away so I guess you could just wait for me at the south Williamsburg post office or something if you wanted to murder me, so it’s whatever. But it was a lot of fun. I only was out for probably 30 minutes and I didn’t shoot very much but I still got a few nice shots and I figured I could share them with you because honestly I don’t even know what else to post today. So yeah, here’s a few photos of last night in a snow storm including a photo of a ConEd worker who was bored out of his mind sitting in a parked car guarding some sort of electrical problem. He must have had some interest in photography because he had a lot of questions about cameras, but then again he was probably just happy to talk to someone.

Anyway, happy birthday my website. Be back soon with some new April O’Neil photos…

NYC Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm

NYC Snow Storm


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Sammy’s Back

I feel like I have photographed Sammy a million times but this is actually only the third set I have posted of her. People seem to love it whenever I post her photos, and she’s great to photograph so I totally understand it, but one of the best things about Sammy is that she used to live really close to me so if I needed to kill a few photos from a roll I could just get on the train for two stops and take a couple of photos of her for whatever project I was working on (she has a whole spread in my book) and then jump back on the train and go get the film developed. 

But that was way back in 2018 when she lived there. She has since moved and now lives so close to me that I could probably throw a baseball off the roof of my building and hit her building if there weren’t other buildings in the way, but she is so close that we could make plans at 9pm and then I could shower and do some work, get to her place, do a whole shoot and then bullshit for like 15 minutes before I met up with my friend for our 10pm dinner plans. It’s great.

So anyway, I have this set of her that I shot last year for you, but I am always trying to find good reasons for you to pay for Girls of Driven By Boredom and I didn’t have any exclusive images just for Girls of DBB so I hit her up and we shot a bunch of photos on her roof in the snow/sleet situation the other night and then uploaded BOTH sets to Girls of DBB. So you get to see the first set for free (in low resolution) here, but if you want to see the second set on the roof in the cold, cold night, you need to sign up for Girls of DBB. I will stop bugging you about that now.

If you want to see more Sammy you can click to see the first shoot she ever did ever, and a bunch of 35mm public nude stuff we did here. Now for the new set…

Click here to see a bunch of photos of my neighbor Sammy! 




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Arabelle Raphael Is Back

Happy Valentine’s Day. You probably need some nudes.

I haven’t taken Arabelle Raphael’s photo in years, but I always loved shooting her. The first time we took photos was in a mutual friend’s place and then the next day I ended up driving her to Vegas and we shot some pretty 35mm stuff in the middle of the desert and a bunch of photos from that first 48 hours of knowing her have ended up in my zines and books and stuff. A couple of years later we took some photos at her place when she was living in LA, but then 5 years went by and I would occasionally run into her but we didn’t do another shoot until a couple of months ago. 

I saw on Twitter that she was going to be in NYC and I hit her up. She had me come by her hotel in midtown. She had plans right after and her room was horribly lit, so these weren’t taken under ideal conditions, but we got some nice photos anyway and it’s cool to see the progression of her tattoos as time passes. We also shot some really nice 35mm stuff outside after the shoot but the goddamn roll of film got scratched and I was heartbroken. 

There are some more explicit, high resolution shots on Girls of Driven By Boredom so make sure you check those out if you are spending Valentine’s Day in this year. 

Or you can just click here to see this gallery of new photos of the amazing Arabelle Raphael!

Arabelle Raphael

Arabelle Raphael

Arabelle Raphael


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2019 Girls Of AVN

One of the main reasons I go to Vegas every year for the AVN Awards is because it’s a great place to photograph people and meet new people to photograph. I love doing super quick shoots in model’s messy hotel rooms. It’s very much what I love shooting. I want people in their places just being themselves. If some nudity is involved all the better, everyone is happy. 

So every year I release a “Girls of AVN” gallery and of course this year is no exception. This gallery is both a collection of shots from the mini shoots I did, as well as a preview of some bigger sets that will be posted here in the future. What follows will be an unnecessary breakdown of what I shot while I was in Vegas in order of how they appear in the gallery. Enjoy.

First up we have some photos of cam girls Heidi V and Kristie Bish. This shoot happened because when I got to Vegas my girlfriend had yet to arrive. She had booked the hotel so I couldn’t check in until she got to Vegas so I was looking for a place to put my stuff. Heidi kindly offered and I went up to her room. Meanwhile a girl named Kristie Bish was DMing me on Twitter. She had reached out because her ex was apparently a big fan of my work and she loved my book Instaxxx which he owned. I only mention this so that I can promote both Instaxxx (BUY IT!) and my new book (BACK THE KICKSTARTER), but I told her that we could shoot an Instax of her that she could give to her ex. I mentioned that I was in Heidi’s room and she was apparently just hanging out with Heidi and came up to the room right then. We took some Instax photos and then Heidi jumped in and we took some funny digital photos. I should also mention that I have a whole ass set of Heidi from ages ago that I haven’t published because I shot them with a single LED light and kinda hate them, although Heidi look super cute so I am going to post them eventually. Moving on!

Next up we have like 5 whole photos of Anna De Ville (and a 6th photo of her dog). She was hung over and had no makeup on and her hotel room was way too dark to be taking photos, but she did have a fucking hot tub in the middle of her steps which makes no goddamn sense so I had to take her photo anyway. My guess is the 35mm flash stuff I shot is going to look way better, but the digital stuff was pretty much unuseable. 

Up next we have Bunny Colby, who I met on Twitter ages ago and we finally got to shoot. Unfortunately in the middle of the shoot I realized I had my girlfriend’s rental car keys and she had to put a bunch of stuff in her trunk so I had to leave the shoot in the middle of it. I was super bummed because I have wanted to take Bunny’s photo for longer than she’s been named Bunny, but alas. Hopefully we will get to do a longer shoot soon. All that being said we got some nice stuff and this is actually part of a much longer shoot that will be published sooner or later!

On the second day of the AVN Expo I was walking to the convention when I ran into Khloe Kapri. I stopped to talk to her because she dates my friend Kasey Warner and I got to spend a bunch of time with her last time I was in LA. We took some pretty photos that are coming soon and I think she’s great so clearly I had to talk to her. While we were talking Jane Wilde came to say hi to both of us. She was killing time before she had to have her makeup done, and Khloe was also waiting for a makeup artist so I suggested we take some photos. I ran into the convention real quick and then came up to Jane’s room where they were both waiting and smoking weed. I told them to do exactly what they were doing, but shirtless (I am an artist) and we took photos until Khloe finished rolling another joint and then we all went our separate ways. 

When I got down to the convention again I immediately ran into Jade Baker. I just shot Jade in LA and we took some really nice photos (one of which is going to be in my new book that you should buy right now). I asked her what she was up to and she was headed to her room because she forgot something for her booth. I asked her if I could come with her and we spent literally 4 minutes taking photos. This is exactly why I come to Vegas. Great content in under 5 minutes.

Next up in gallery is another full shoot that I am only giving you guys a preview of for now. These photos are of a cam girl named Scout that I took some really pretty photos of not too long ago. One of the 35mm photos I took during that shoot is both in my new book (*AHEM*) and in the 20th annual Dirty Show in Detroit later this month. Scout is great and I would shoot her anytime, but I should mention that she spent $250 on the socks she is wearing in this shoot and that is truly immoral behavior. When I publish this full set expect a lengthy diatribe on consumerism and wealth inequality. 

Next up are some photos of a girl named Sammie Six, not to be confused with Sammie Sixx. We were supposed to shoot some photos last year at AVN but it didn’t happen. What did happen was that we took a bunch of photos of her this year. Enough that these photos also are getting their own set as well. I should also mention that Sammie told me these photos feel the most “her” of any photo shoot she’s done which is honestly the best compliment I could ever hope for.

Penultimately have a shoot with Leigh Raven. I have wanted to take Leigh’s photo forever and I finally got to shoot her doing her makeup. I also shot some photos of her and her girlfriend Nikki Hearts who I recently photographed after knowing her for many, many years. They look so great together and I hope I can photograph them both again some time when they aren’t getting ready for a party. In this shoot I posted all the photos of Leigh doing her makeup and the photos of her an Nikki, but there are a lot more photos of her being real goofy and throwing Skittles around the room and then she had her friends help her get dressed and all of that is available as a separate bonus set ONLY available on Girls of Driven By Boredom!

Lastly we have a few photos of Evelyn Claire. I shot her for the first time at AVN last year and I randomly saw Black Panther with her and my friend Lucy when she was visiting NYC. I shot Evelyn in the same hotel where I shot Anna De Ville but there was no hot tub in the stairs (no stairs at all sadly). I have a whole set of her too but again those will come later. For now you just get a taste of the set (although there are some bonus dirty pics on Girls of DBB).

In conclusion I have over 100 photos for you from my AVN trip to Vegas. You can see these same photos in high resolution, plus some bonus slightly dirtier shots over on Girls of DBB. It also has that bonus Leigh Raven set and a ton of other photos all in high resolution for you to lurk forever and ever. Oh, and back my Kickstarter before it ends next week. 

Now click here to see the full 2019 Girls of AVN gallery!

Bunny Colby

Leigh Raven

Jade Baker


Evelyn Claire

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2019 AVN Show

I just got back from Las Vegas where I have spent a week every January since 2008 for the AVN Awards week. The first time I ever went, I went without any clients or plans and got a ton of great photos and it turned into a yearly trip that I have covered for dozens of outlets including Village Voice, LA Weekly, Playboy and Vice. But this year was a little bit different, between making my plans last second and my girlfriend being nominated for a bunch of awards (she also presented one) I decided to skip photographing the awards and just go as my girlfriend’s date.

(I did shoot a little video of Cardi B performing at the awards that ended up on Yahoo & Complex.)

We have a long distance relationship so I figured it would be a great chance to spend some time with her and shoot a bunch of photos, so while she was signing autographs I was shooting the AVN trade show which is now called AVN Show or the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo instead of just the Adult Entertainment Expo.  None of that matters but I got a bunch of photos from the show for you to look at if you want.

I also did a bunch of random photo shoots in hotel rooms along the way and I will get at least some of that stuff up this week as well. A few of the shoots are proper full sets that I will release on their own later, but I will pull highlights of them and all the photos from the quicker shoots into one update ASAP.

Oh, I should also mention that because I wasn’t working for any clients other than you guys, I kinda half assed it this year as far as the convention coverage. I still came out of it with over 100 decent photos, but honestly I was more interested in seeing old friends and playing with my new camera than I was doing a good job of covering the convention from an editorial standpoint.

Anyway, there are a bunch of photos here and they are pretty NSFW. Oh, and if you want to see them in higher resolution I decided to upload them to Girls of Driven By Boredom which I normally don’t do for event coverage but this seemed like a pretty good exception to that rule.

Now click here to see all my photos from the 2019 AVN Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Ps. Back my new book on Kickstarter!

Angela White

2019 AVN Show

Kissa Sins

2019 AVN Show

Ginger Banks & Ivy Wolfe

Riley Reid

Tiffany Watson & Cadence Lux

Abigail Mac


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