2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos: Part 3

I can’t believe this is my final Gathering of the Juggalos post this year. I don’t know what you guys are going to do with your lives now, but I am sure we can figure it out together. The last day my back was really killing me and I had a friend show up so it was my least productive day at the festival but I still have 100 photos for you and we can do a little wrap up of all my content from my 12th trip to Juggalo Island.

I got down to the Legend Valley campgrounds in the middle of the afternoon, but I spent probably my first hour there just sitting on a rock. I really pushed myself the day before and my back was really hurting. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it. One of the other photographers came by and told me the Miss Juggalette pageant was happening in a few minutes and as much as I hate shooting in that tent, it seemed like something I could do without standing up. I didn’t shoot a ton of it, I got there late and I left early, but the stuff I did see will haunt me forever. The talent contest involved everything from spoken word poetry to gymnastics to putting safety pins on their vagina to making themselves squirt on the stage with an umbrella to singing and riding a unicycle. A well rounded bunch for sure. Also one of my favorite parts was the juggalette who did the poetry decided to cover herself in ranch dressing during the swimwear competition. The photos are WAY too NSFW to post on here so you can see them all on Girls of Driven By Boredom. I posted a few here for free so you can get a little taste, but yeah you need to check that site for the crazy ones. There’s a couple video clips on my OnlyFans as well. 

After the Miss Juggalette contest I met up with my friend Roach who was in town. I hadn’t seen her in a minute and it’s always great to hang out with people when they experience the insanity of the Gathering for the first time so I walked around with her and her friend and they immediately got into some weird shit and I found out Ro gave herself an ICP tattoo so I feel like they were doing the Gathering right, even though they only came for one day. I am sure they will be back. They ended up going to the haunted house thing, so I went over to the hot dog eating contest, which I honestly should have competed in. I have won many an eating challenge in my day and the ICP hot dog themed hockey jersey they gave out for first place was incredible. I deserved that. 

By that time it was main stage music time and I ran over to catch Slick Rick. I listened to a TON of Slick Rick when I was in high school and I was really excited to see him. I have seen so many old school rappers at the Gathering and it’s honestly one of my favorite parts. That being said, Slick Rick gave one of the laziest performances I have ever seen. He barely moved and just looked so bored. He had a big throne he sat on which was kinda great and he’s Slick Rick so he can do whatever the fuck he wants. At some point juggalos started throwing things at him and he actually got really into it towards the end of his set. I think the measure of a man is how he acts when a half full can of Faygo goes flying past his head and Rick The Ruler passed that test. Also I should cut him some slack because there was some sound difficulties which brings me to KRS ONE. 

KRS is one of my favorite musicians of all time. I have seen him close to 10 times live and it’s always amazing. He rocked it as hard as the first time I saw him more than  twenty years ago. Even his sound check freestyle was incredible. Once I saw him freestyle for 30 minutes while he was selling t-shirts in his booth after the show. He just never stopped. Eventually I just had to leave because the DC Metro stops running at midnight. He’s really one of the best live performers ever. His set at the Gathering really had some sound issues though, and it impacted everything, but KRS has been doing this shit for 40 years and handled it really well. It’s just a bummer they couldn’t get it figured out. If you get a chance to see KRS ONE, do it. 

Finally it was time for the Insane Clown Posse. They did a deep cuts set on the first night but I didn’t make it in time for that. They always end the festival and it’s always a blast. I have seen them so many times and it’s still so much fun to shoot them even if I end up covered in diet Faygo. They are the hardest band to photograph, but the easiest band to get lucky with a great shot. They are another artist that you should see once in your life even if you don’t like their music. It’s just an insane experience. They are semi retired because Violent J has heart problems, and I think not playing was good for them. They looked legitimately happy to be out there which has not always been the case even when they put on a good show. For some reason they didn’t kick us out of the pit after three songs so I actually got to shoot until I got really soaked and decided I should leave because I didn’t have another pair of pants (I’ve lost 30 lbs in the last three months and none of my old pants fit me). So because I got to shoot more than three songs there are more ICP shots than I normally have. There are also a couple shots of Taji Ameen getting sprayed who was filming his show Better Man for Vice. I am very excited to see that episode.

Okay so yeah, that is the 2022 Gathering of the Juggalos. I ended up doing okay despite my back injury. Maybe I didn’t get as many shots as in the past, but this was the first year in a while that I went by myself so I think that helped me be a bit more productive during a shorter window of time. I got some shots I am very happy with (five of which are already for sale as NFTs) and I didn’t do any permanent damage to myself (I hope). To see everything I shot you are going to need to go to a few different sites but all the links are below. And to see all my Gathering content over the last decade plus you can click here to see every post tagged with Gathering of the Juggalos

And now for the final chapter of 2022….

Click here to see all the photos from Day 4 of the 2022 Gathering of the Juggalos in Thornville, Ohio. 

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

The Insane Clown Posse

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos


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2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos: Part 2

My second day at the Gathering of the Juggalos was my longest of the four day festival. As I mentioned in Part 1 yesterday, I actually skipped Wednesday and only spent about 4 hours there on Thursday, but on Friday I was there from about 3pm to about 2am. The heat combined with my back injury made it seem even longer. But at least I took a lot of photos. 

When I got down there I walked over to the tent where the Faygo Wet T-shirt contest was happening. That tent is a red abomination of heat, moisture and horrifying color balance so I usually try and avoid anything happening in there. However the Faygo wet t-shirt contest is always absolutely chaotic and has been hosted by my buddy Clownvis the last couple of years so I figured I would deal with the heat and then just make all the photos black and white which is the easy way out of color balance hell. Taji Ameen from Vice was there filming a series called Better Man which I had just watched several episodes of. It was a very weird coincidence. Like literally three days earlier I had gone down a YouTube hole so I made sure I got some good shots of him looking uncomfortable while juggalettes showed their Faygo drenched buttholes to the crowd. Honestly the photos are totally insane but you can only see them on Girls of Driven By Boredom because I still haven’t fixed my gallery system yet. There’s some video from it on my OnlyFans too.  Just give me $4.99 and we can all move on with our lives. 

After the Faygo contest there was some sort of stunt show happening in that tent but I had no interest in taking any more photos in there so I did a lap around the campgrounds. When I made my way back around I heard screaming from the tent and went inside to see some total madness happening including Super Humman doing one of his famous stunts. I just caught the very end though and suddenly everyone went outside for a car stunt. The stunt group and brought a car to destroy and I believe the plan was to have Taji drive the car down a path and aim for a ladder, and a guy standing on the ladder would jump over the car. I can only speculate because while they were setting up one of the security guards started yelling for people to get off the port-a-potties they were standing on to get a better view. The juggalos didn’t appreciate getting yelled at so they did what juggalos do best and threw some Faygo at the security guard, she freaked out and radioed for the police. They showed up and the whole thing turned into a really ugly scene and the cops were totally outnumbered. I thought one of them was gonna do something stupid and things were gonna go really badly, but luckily they didn’t and Violent J’s brother Jumpsteady showed up and got everyone to calm down. That’s when I left to do another lap.

When I came back around the car was flipped over and juggalos were standing on top of it. It had become quite the party around that and at some point someone was selling merch off it The whole thing was honestly pretty fun, unlike in 2012 when someone who got caught stealing had their car destroyed. Eventually the owner of the campgrounds came by with some sort of heavy machinery and took the car away while all the juggalos followed him like the juggalo pied piper. A situation that seemed pretty dark turned out totally fine in the end. Juggalos usually do a pretty good job of policing themselves and glad the cops didn’t intervene more than they did. 

After that we did some more running around until the mainstage music really kicked off. Sir-Mix-A-Lot was the first artist we were aloud to get into the photo pit before and I was pretty psyched about that. After I mentioned his performance he actually Tweeted at me telling me how much fun he had and I think everyone really enjoyed his set.

By the time he was done my friends in Ho99o9 had shown up. The last time the played the Gathering I followed them around for a Vice story. This time they had experienced the Gathering already and were mostly just focused on the show. I went over and just hung out with them while they were sound checking and stuff until I heard Ouji Macc on the main stage. I don’t really listen to any juggalo music except when a random ICP song will pop into my head, but I really like Ouji as a human, his shows are a lot of fun and his managers are friends of mine. He also gave me a pair of his record label’s (Chapter 17) socks which I think I am actually going to wear today. So when I heard him start playing I ran down to the main stage and got there just in time to shoot one of his songs before they kicked us out of the pit.

As soon as Ouji’s was over Ho99o9 launched into their set. They absolutely killed it as always. I have seen them more than a half dozen times, but not in five years or something. They are more polished, and even creepier, but as energetic as always and it was great to see them again. After I went backstage and shot them and Ouji together and then said hi to Dana Dentata who I briefly met at the Gathering in 2019. Esham was playing between Ho99o9 and Dentata and that dude is an absolute legend. He invented horrorcore and Eminem, ICP and everything that came after them wouldn’t exist without him. Finally Dana Dentata went on and I was only going to shoot one song but her set was incredibly interesting and I couldn’t find a reason to leave. Finally when she was over I escaped into the night and got back to my hotel after 3am. I was in an incredible amount of pain and honestly my photos on Saturday suffered because of it, but I had shot a ton of photos and had some fun and it was probably all worth it. 

Click here to see my photos from day 3 of the 2022 Gathering of the Juggalos and come back soon for the final chapter. 

Ps. Buy my juggalo NFTs.

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

Taji Ameen

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

Dana Dentata

Ho99o9 & Ouija Mac


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2022 Gathering of the Juggalos: Part 1

In 2010 I Tweeted “Who wants to go to the Gathering of the Juggalos with me?” My editor at the Village Voice* responded and we ended up doing a cover story that changed both of our lives forever. Over a decade later I returned to my 12th Gathering of the Juggalos ready to shoot some more photos of my favorite insane clowns. This year I was hired to cover the festival by The Daily Beast and Brooklyn Vegan so before you read  the rest of this post, check those links out. 

I pretty much start off every post these days talking about my back injury, but this time it’s especially relevant. I hurt it one year ago at the Gathering of the Juggalos. This year I had no idea how I was going to make it through the festival but I had a plan. I would skip the first day (that’s why this update is Part 1, not Day 1) and I would only spend a few hours at the Gathering each day to rest my back. I almost didn’t make it, day 3 almost killed me, but I shot enough photos just on day 1 to make the trip worth it. 

I landed in Columbus Ohio around 1:30pm on Thursday, grabbed my rental car and headed to my hotel. By 3:30 I was headed to Thornville, Ohio and after getting my credentials I was on Juggalo Island by 4. One of the first photos I shot was maybe the best photo of the whole weekend and I despite being down there for only a few hours, I think I might have shot my best stuff on the first day. 

I mostly just shot a bunch of juggalo portraits but I did shoot a handful of bands as well. The first one was Green Jellÿ. I had no idea what to expect, I remember being blown away by the Three Little Pigs video when I was a kid, but I haven’t really thought about them since. But that shit was so wild and so much fun and the photos are absolutely chaotic. Back on the main stage they weren’t letting photographers upfront until 8pm for some reason so I didn’t shoot much of the early stuff this year. I did shoot literally one photo of Cybertronic Spree who dressed as Transformers and played a bunch of weird covers. I didn’t really understand what was happening but I wasn’t mad about it. I also shot a few photos of the Clue coverband that is an inside joke that would take too long to explain it to you. They only played one song. Finally I shot Steel Panther who are a parody of a hair metal band. We have a bunch of friends in common and I have wanted to see them for years so glad I got to see it. It’s such a wild commitment to be doing this joke band for decades, but it seems like it’s a lot of fun.

After I shot Steel Panther I decided to call it a day. I was exhausted from the flight and my back hurt and I knew the next day was going to be my big one so I wanted to get some rest. ICP was playing a deep track set that night, but I knew I would shoot them again on Saturday so I figured I could skip it. I also missed a late night set by Onyx who are incredible, but I have seen them a few times before so it made sense to bounce. In the end I was only there for about 4 hours, but I still got some great shots which you get to look at right now. 

But some housekeeping notes first… I totally screwed up and I haven’t fixed the gallery system on my website. That is an incredible bummer because I am now using Flickr for these galleries and apparently nudity is now against their TOS unless you have a pro account and I am not giving Flickr $60 a year. I will get this fixed, but not this week. So because of that all the nudity is going on Girls of Driven By Boredom and my OnlyFans. I am sorry about that, I wanted to give you guys some random juggalette nudity and then just paywall the really crazy shit, but here we are. I am sorry about that. So far on Girls of DBB we have one gallery of just random toples juggalettes including some outtakes that I wouldn’t normally post. On OnlyFans I have some video from the Wet Faygo Contest and the Miss Juggalette pageant, but more on those in Parts 2 and 3. There will be a lot more content on both sites in the next few days and my sites are pretty cheap.

Speaking of you giving me money, I also uploaded 5 new juggalo NFTs from this year. There are now 55 that have been uploaded over the last year. There will be under 100 images total and they start at just .1 ETH. My other NFTs have done a lot better than these, but I love them and I am not stopping any time soon. 

Okay, now it’s time to look at some juggalo photos.

Click here to see all the photos from my first day at the 2022 Gathering of the Juggalos.

*My editor at the Voice, Camille Dodero,  is featured heavily in the new Netflix true crime series The Most Hated Man on the Internet because of a Voice cover story she did on the subject of that documentary. I shot some photos for her story that also ended up in the documentary. 

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos

Green Jelly

2022 Gathering Of The Juggalos


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Fewo World Paint Party – 6.21.22

When you think about parties around NFT NYC what do you think of? You probably think of a bunch of cryptobros getting drunk on bottle service and some other absurd displays of wealth. You probably don’t think about a family friendly paint party in a Greenpoint warehouse thrown by a 19 year old trans artist. Fewo World felt like a real NYC art party, that normally would have required some sort of corporate sponsor, but instead was all paid for by Victor Langlois who became a millionaire at the age of 18 selling his art digitally.

This is (I believe) the fifth Paint Party, with past events taking place last year in NYC and Miami and this year in LA and Denver. Any holder of Victor’s NFTs can attend a party and if you do attend one, you also get an NFT sent to you in return after the party. Fewocious was one of the first artists I ever collected digitally (and the first I ever sold for a profit) and after meeting him at an event last year I have just become a huge fan. Listening him talk about art is an absolutely wonderful thing to behold. He is just so nice and joyful and passionate about his art and his life. I managed to get a fairly affordable piece of his recently and was able to attend the Brooklyn paint party.

The party was one of the most fun events I have been to in a long time. People got to put on paint suits and just let loose on a bunch of canvases. When you walked in you could see the canvases from previous parties. The event happened twice during the day to spread out the people and I was in the second group so you could see the earlier party’s work on the canvases above us. 

Despite going to art school and being forced to take several painting classes, I absolutely cannot paint, but at some point I put on a rubber glove and just started putting handprints on a bunch of the canvases. I also had no intention of photographing this party, but I had no choice. I pulled out my camera thinking I was going to take a handful of photos but I just kept shooting it and before you know I was shooting it like it was an event I was hired to cover. Honestly because I was having so much fun I probably shot better photos than if I was being hired to cover something. I ran into a handful of friends there too which was cool and overall just had a blast for the hour or so I was there. 

Eventually my back was hurting and I had taken all the photos I could think of and decided to escape, but not before walking through a gallery of Fewo’s fashion work, from shoes to clothing to jewelry as well as a bunch of digital displays as well. Oh, I also wanted to mention that there were a ton of kids there and while I don’t plan on ever having children I do think this would have been such an amazing event to take your kids to. Maybe one day when my nephew can walk I will get to go to one of these in the future with him. I mean it was his dad who introduced me to Fewo in the first place… Also there were free burgers from Goblintown, coffee from Richerd’s Interns and copies of the Pride issue of Billboard because Fewo did the cover design. Okay, I think that’s it. Let’s look at some photos…

Ps. My gallery plugin is still messed up so we are using Flickr galleries temporarily until I can fix my website. 

Click here to see all the photos from the Fewo World Paint Party in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Fewo World Paint Party

Fewo World Paint Party

Fewo World Paint Party

Fewo World Paint Party

Fewo World Paint Party

Fewo World Paint Party



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Ape Fest – 6.23.22

We have a lot to talk about today. Gonna try to make this post make sense for people who hate/don’t care about NFTs and for people who are deep in it, and that’s going to be tough to do, but before I do any of that and get to the photos, we need to talk about abortion. 

These photos would have been up yesterday but I didn’t think it made any sense to post party photos during an historically awful day in American history. We have become a much more progressive country in the 50 years since Roe v. Wade was decided and yet here we are being ruled by a hard right fundamentalist minority. Women should be able to make their on medical decisions and this won’t save lives, it will only kill the poorest women. If someone wants an abortion, they will get one. Well off people will just travel to blue states while the poorest most vulnerable women will be forced to risk their own life to terminate their pregnancy. It’s a fucking nightmare. I donated to two things yesterday and I invite you to do the same. The first is a fund that goes to 92 different organizations, just make sure that if you donate that your phone number is not saved with ActBlue because you do not want hundreds of fundraising texts. The second is Brigid Alliance which does direct action to help women get abortions. They get money to travel and even childcare to look after their kids while they are away. They have a perfect rating from Charity Navigator as well. If you are here for NFTs, I am donating 100% of the profits from this photo to Brigid

Now, moving on. Let’s talk about Bored Apes. 

I have very mixed opinions about the Bored Ape Yacht Club and it’s hard to write about this to an audience that has such a wide mix of knowledge/views about what BAYC even is, but I am going to try. Let’s start with the basics. BAYC is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that are made up of randomly generated traits, giving them different levels of rarity and value. They have become one of the most valuable, and definitely the most recognizable NFT collection, and they have birthed several other collections as well. Because of this popularity and massive value, BAYC has become a symbol for everything people hate about NFTs. They see rich crypto bros with stupid monkey jpgs as status symbols and they think the art sucks and they don’t get it and they write off all NFTs as garbage. And the thing is, they aren’t completely wrong. 

I also don’t blame BAYC for this. There are so many garbage NFT projects that have all followed behind BYAC trying to copy their model and have caused so many people to blow so much money chasing the next BYAC. It sucks and PFPs (profile pictures or picture for proof) have made web3 a joke. It’s such a bummer as an artist just trying to make a living with this exciting new technology and people bring up apes and just write the whole thing off. 

And yes, there are a lot of awful people who own Apes. The level of privilege to own a $100k jpg and not sell it is astronomical, but I know many people who have had their lives absolutely changed by these things. They bought them cheap and either sold them for life changing money, or held on to them for the rewards which have also been life changing.  I ran into someone who I knew 15 years ago and he was able to show his artwork in a gallery all because he was given tens of thousands of dollars of “Ape Coin” just for holding on to his ape. 

Okay, so now we need to talk about the claims of racism. There is a professional troll named Ryder Ripps trying to destroy BAYC. I know Ryder a little bit and I actually think he’s pretty interesting as far as an artist. He’s been ripping off NFT collections and changing them a little bit to have a conversation about ownership and copyright and to make some money and PR out of it. I guess you could say he’s the web3 Richard Prince and I am sure both his supporters and detractors would probably enjoy that comparison. He put together a video that went viral recently that was basically a Q Anon video for NFTs claiming that BAYC is a white supremacist organization. It’s really silly and BAYC did a good job of refuting it, and I am sure even Ryder knows it’s all nonsense, but a good troll never admits the troll. They’ve also sued Ryder which is exactly what he wanted and his RR BAYC collection has been skyrocketing in value. 

So no, BYAC is not a secret racist organization, but I do think there is something a little problematic with anthropomorphizing apes, especially when you have traits that are generally associated with black culture. When I first saw BYAC I almost minted one, just because of the Driven By Boredom association, but two things kept me away, the fact that I had just lost some of the first ETH I ever made on a 10k project, and because I thought the apes with grills thing was a little gross. I clearly regret this decision and while I still think Apes are a little corny, the community around them is very impressive and nearly everything Yuga Labs has done as a company has been impressive. 

Which finally brings me to Ape Fest. 

Ape Fest is a festival that takes place around NFT NYC. This is the second one and the first one since the line for Ape Fest 2021 went viral for having a bunch of white dudes making ape noises in line. This year they made the very smart decision to allow plus ones (which is how I got in) and there were a lot more women, and even some non-white people there. A revelation. Web3 clearly skews towards a certain demographic but there are a lot of people trying to fix that and NFT NYC did feel a lot less broy compared to last year. 

I went to Day 4 of the fest, which takes place at Pier 17, down in by the water in the financial district. They had a massive inflatable ape at the entrance and a pirate ship just hanging out with BAYC sails. The party itself was on the roof of a building but the massive amount of money they spent on the surrounding area was not unnoticed. 

The event was pretty impressive and well run and the acts were pretty impressive. There were a lot of real goofy motherfuckers around, but everyone was super nice. As much as I would like to make fun of it, I really did appreciate the invite from one of my NFT collectors who goes by Freecard. He’s a great dude and it was a real experience. 

The party started with an NFT themed rapper named Spottie WiFi. I honestly expected him to look like his Crypto Punk since that’s how I know him. I am not sure his music is for me, but I have been in Spaces and Discords with him and he seems like a good dude. It was very cool to see him perform on this huge stage in front of his people. 

After that Lil Wayne performed and as much as I used to love him, I am not sure that getting the rapper most associated with the MAGA movement is an ideal way to let people know that you aren’t a secret white supremacist group. I still like a ton of his music though so it was at least enjoyable. Towards the end of his set my hurt back started killing me so I sat down and then someone managed to drop an entire whiskey drink on my from above. So that was fun..

After that Snoop came out with Eminem and they debuted their new song which isn’t about NFTs, but features the Apes that they each own. It’s actually a pretty good song & video and the comments on it make me feel that most people don’t even know what BAYC is. Eminem didn’t perform but Snoop did. He mostly was just DJing but he rapped some too. He had a song about Ape Coin which was a little cringe, but otherwise it was pretty fun. I think I’ve seen Snoop 4 times now and you can’t go wrong with that. That being said, he did have a couple strippers on stage with him, and despite most of my friends being strippers or former strippers, I still think it’s kinda a bad look for BAYC when they are trying to let people know they aren’t just a bunch of pale dudes. 

Lastly, and maybe most importantly outside of the whole Handmaid’s Tale situation, is that I didn’t shoot this like it was an event. I didn’t have press access so I didn’t shoot any of the music except a couple wide shots. I didn’t bring my flash so once it got dark I didn’t really shoot. I really just took my camera out because I didn’t want to carry it on my back anymore. My spine is completely fucked so it’s much less painful to hold my camera than carry it on my back. I also was rocking a terrible plastic lens because it’s way lighter than my normal one. So yeah, there aren’t many photos. I took a few of people I met, and some photos of people taking photos because I am working on a phone themed zine. I took some photos of a limbo contest but it was pretty dark at that point and a few other shots randomly here and there. It’s not great coverage of the event, but it did give me a chance to write this 1600 word article about all this stuff.

So TL;DR, abortion should be a woman’s choice, NFTs aren’t all animal jpgs, BAYC is a little bit corny and a little bit problematic, but they have changed lives, have done a lot of great stuff and threw some amazing events. 

Now click here to see a couple dozen photos from Day 4 of Ape Fest 2022 at Pier 17.

Ps. Something is fucked up with my gallery system because my website is archaic, so until I fix it I am using a Flickr gallery like it’s 2007. 

Ape Fest 2022

Ape Fest 2022

Ape Fest 2022

Ape Fest 2022

Ape Fest 2022

Ape Fest 2022

I Swear Snoop & Eminem Are In This Photo

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Wonder Fair @ WAGMIAMI

I hit up my friend Krystall Schott when I was in Miami for Art Basel to photograph her for this grant I got to photograph people in the NFT world. She’s an artist, a musician and an event coordinator and as a former model, she is super photogenic. I had to shoot her for this project. She was crazy busy in Miami working on this NFT art show that she didn’t have a ton of time to shoot so I went to a place called Factory Town where she was setting up to photograph her right before the sun went down. (More on that when the project comes out.) Anyway while we were setting up this shoot she asked me to take photos at it. I was gonna go to the event anyway and my hurt back was feeling pretty good so I was totally down.

Okay, let’s start by saying it’s VERY complicated to explain what this event is. WAGMIAMI was a series of events inside a larger event that was actually part of a different event. The specific NFT gallery part of the event was actually the VIP area for a larger event but also that section changed every night. That VIP NFT gallery was curated by Trippy Presents but then Wonder Fair was inside of that. It’s all incredibly complicated but all very cool. Let me try and breakdown as much as possible.

First of all there was a ton of NFT art, obviously. Including some stuff I love including art by Krystall, Foodmasku who I own an NFT by and a bunch of great photographers because there was an NFT photography meetup earlier in the evening which I sadly missed while we were eating and I was buying batteries since I had no idea I was shooting an event for 6 hours with almost no notice. Throughout the night there were these incredible 3D movies shown on this huge wrap around screen by Jadu Hologram. The first movie was an Alex Grey piece (the famous artist, not to be confused with the pornstar) and then there were several showings of Resillusion by Orbseer. That stuff was honestly just mind blowing. There was also a live burning of a Takashi Murakami work that was apparently worth around $10,000. The idea was that they would burn the art, and then mint it as an NFT showing that art still has value digitally, but as an artist myself I think I would probably have a big problem with someone minting my work even if it was work they purchased from me. Who knows, at least it was interesting to photograph. 

At the same time all this was happening there was a huge stage set up for Mayan Warrior who are an arts collective who do Burning Man and a bunch of events like that. They have this giant pirate ship bus thing that they DJ on top of and the whole thing is pretty insane. I didn’t photograph a ton of that, but I did do a walk around before I left. I wanted to capture some of that stuff to add to the Wonder Fair photos since the events were all connected. Most of the last 40 photos in this gallery are from that. The other 100+ photos are just from Wonder Fair. 

Okay, I think that’s it. Thanks so much to Krystall and her partner Lena for having me out. Let’s look at some photos!

Click here to see all the photos from Wonder Fair at WAGMIAMI at Factory Town during Art Basel in Miami in Florida.

Ps. Buy my NFTs here. 

Dan, Krystal & Ronen V

Mayan Warrior

Jadu Hologram

Trippy & Alex Grey


Wonder Fair x WAGMIAMI @ Art Basel

Wonder Fair x WAGMIAMI @ Art Basel


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2021 Art Basel

This is the first of two updates from 2021 Art Basel in Miami. The second one is going to be from the Wonder Fair at Wagmiami, but I don’t know when I will get that up. I would like to say tomorrow or Friday but I am on a big deadline, but we will get to that in a second. This post has photos from four events, the Scope Art Fair, Untitled Art Fair, The Doodles/ Heart Project NFT party, and a bunch of photos of murals taken in Wynwood. So let’s get started.

I only went to Basel for three days, but two of those days were really half days. I landed around noon on Thursday and I went up to Delray Beach Saturday evening to hang out with my Dolfans NYC partner Michelle and then go to the game with her Sunday. I flew home Monday morning… So while I was in South Florida for 5 days, I really had about 50 hours doing Basel stuff. 

I came to Miami because a few weeks ago I was awarded a grant to photograph people in the NFT space for an organization of photographers and NFT collectors called Obscura. They got 100 photographers together and set them out on a mission to photograph as many people in the NFT world as possible. Unfortunately in the month or so I had for this project I had to go out of town for my girlfriend’s birthday and out of town for Thanksgiving. When I was finally back Basel was happening and a ton of people I wanted to photograph were in Miami. I figured since I got this grant I could just use that money to fly to Florida for a few days. 

When I got to Miami I actually had no plans, that is very like me. I have had great success just showing up in Miami and hoping for the best, and so far it has worked out, and I think it worked pretty well this trip. When I landed I didn’t know where to go but I saw in a Discord that if I mentioned Quantum Art and Superchief I could get into the Scope art show for free. Quantum is a platform for NFT photography and Superchief is an art gallery (I did both Instaxxx book release parties art their spaces) and I wanted to check out their stuff so that seemed like the first place to go. I went by the Superchief/ Quantum exhibit and said hi to those guys. I actually asked the Superchief guys if they wanted to be part of the project, they said yes but I could tell they weren’t really into it so I didn’t press it. I ended up just going to check out the rest of the Scope show. I took photos of really whatever, I don’t know why I picked the art I did other than it was photogenic. I just figured you guys would want to see something. 

While I was looking at art I ran into my photographer friend Tod Seelie and while we were talking my artist friend Shark Toof showed up, and then after that Mark from The Cobrasnake showed up and it was amazing to just run into so many people I knew without even moving. Shark Toof told me he could get me into the Untitled Art Fair next door so we walked over there and I got a few more pictures of art for you. I wasn’t there long because I had to go meet up with a former journalist, turned NFT “influencer” named Andrew Wang. We were going to shoot some photos for the project but there was so much traffic and chaos that by the time I got to him it was getting dark. We drove to an event but we got stuck in traffic so bad we just had to turn around. I think we were in the car for over an hour for nothing. I went back to his place with a bunch of his friends and we all went to dinner. It was so much fun just to nerd out about NFTs with a bunch of people, but I was like 15-20 years older than everyone so that was mildly awkward. Whatever, I am that weird old dude now, that’s fine. 

After dinner we all went to a party thrown by two NFT projects, Doodles and The Heart Project. The place was really fun looking so I got my camera out and took a handful of photos but I didn’t have my flash on me and I was exhausted from traveling (I was on two hours of sleep) so I didn’t last long. I still had to go check into my hotel. I ran into Atrak and his brother Dave 1 on the way out. They were DJing but I had to miss it so I could crash. It was a fun day, but honestly sleep was the move at that point.

The next day my back was killing me because I have a herniated disc that I mention in every post, and I was tired and had work to do, so I just hung out at the hotel for a while, until I met up with an NFT influencer named Deeze to take some photos. Deeze is one of the main reasons NFT photography has really taken off and while I haven’t sold a ton of work, the whole NFT space owes him a lot. I was so glad he agreed to let me take his photo. He’s anonymous so I shot him from behind on the beach, and with is phone in front of his face and I got to pick his brain for a bit about NFTs for a bit which was really cool.

After that I went over to shoot my friend Krystall for the project. She was throwing an event and I wanted to come by before it started to shoot her with some day light. Unfortunately traffic screwed me again and we rushed to shoot before the sun went down. Hopefully that ends up working out, but I guess we will see tonight when I go pick up film. Anyway, while I was talking to Krystall about taking photos, she actually hired me to shoot her event so I did that, and I will tell you all about it in the next post. It was a really cool event…

The next day I had some tentative plans but I had to leave around 5pm and I knew I was gonna stay in the hotel until the last minute because I was up until 4am and I took a muscle relaxer for my back. Being old is so much fun. So I had this like 4 or 5 hour window to shoot some stuff. I was gonna go back to Scope but I didn’t want to risk the traffic again so I went to the arts district Wynwood to take photos of all the murals that were being painted all week. It’s funny to see middle aged midwesterners doing art tours interacting with graffiti artists who have gone to jail over their art. No one ever got back to me about the tentative plans so I finally just bounced and headed to Delray. I didn’t get a ton done on Saturday, but you do have some pictures of some very cool art to check out.

Before we go let me plug some stuff… as part of this project I shot a TON of film, I know I got a grant for it but it was only $1000 and I spent almost that much on the trip. It cost $365 to develop and scan all this film that I am about to pick up, so if you want to support my work you can sponsor a roll. What that means is that you pay $30 and you get to see the roll of film before anyone else. You get to then pick your favorite photo from the roll and I send you a print of it in the mail. The process takes a couple weeks but I can try to get it done in time for Christmas, at least if you live in the US. Click here to sponsor a roll!

Oh, I should also plug my NFTs since this is an NFT related post. Click here to buy one of my juggalo NFTs!

So yeah, that’s everything, more on the Wagmiami party soon! But until then, go look at some photos.

Click here to see a bunch of my 2021 Art Basel photos!


Nychos Baby Yoda


Doodles/ Heart Project

Doodles/Heart Project

RIP Virgil


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2021 Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

I spent several hours today trying to organize these thousands of Gathering of the Juggalos photos I shot over the weekend into little categories of updates and I just couldn’t do it anymore and I gave up. I am going to organize these photos into just three more updates by day of the festival. That means today you are going to get over 200 images, all taken last Thursday. Tomorrow I will get up all the photos I took on Friday and on Thursday you will get all the photos I took Saturday. That’s the plan at least. If you haven’t already make sure you check out my last update, which was just my favorite portraits from the Gathering back when I thought I was going to break this up into a bunch of galleries.

Okay, so let’s talk about day one! I got there a couple hours before sundown because I needed a nap after a 7am flight to Ohio. The music on the main stage doesn’t start until six but I wanted to get some portraits before then so I did some laps and showed my girlfriend Shannon around. The festival was missing some of the elements like The Busey Beauties and Psychopathic Radio but it did have a bunch of giant dinosaurs that are meant for the upcoming Lost Lands EDM festival, but I guess you can’t really hide a dinosaur so the juggalos got to hang with them. 

The mainstage musical line up started with 9 Dead and then a dude named Nascar Aloe played and he barely sang any of the words to his own music but he put on one hell of a show so that’s all I care about. I have shot so many music festivals I honestly tune out the music and just pay attention to the performance and his was great. After that Kid ‘N’ Play performed. Seriously, that happened, and honestly they were really fun. DJ Paul from Three Six Mafia was after that and he’s always great. I’ve seen him perform a bunch at past Gatherings and one of the few artists at the festival I actively listen to. Vanilla Ice played after that. He was actually on ICP’s record label for a while and has a juggalo tattoo and has played the Gathering a bunch before. He was bitching about the internet and cancel culture and how great cops were but on the plus side he did bring out a Ninja Turtle. Lastly ICP performed their double length album Bizzar/Bizaar in its entirety. Or at least I assume they did because we were exhausted and after I photographed them we went back to the hotel. Sitting on my ass for a year and a half has not been great for physical being and I was pretty much dead by the time they played. 

Oh, I don’t know why I didn’t mention it earlier but Steve-O from Jackass was the host of the first night and he’s a perfect fit for the Gathering. He did a bunch of stupid human tricks and cut his tongue with broken glass and set his hair on fire. He also showed his butthole to the juggalos not once, but twice, per their request. Don’t worry I didn’t upload those pictures but I did put them on my OnlyFans as a joke since the same day OnlyFans announced they were getting rid of porn on their porn site. 

Speaking of NSFW stuff, there are a couple NSFW pics in this gallery but you can see all the NSFW juggalette portraits on Girls of Driven right now in high resolution. It’s not a ton of photos this year, but they do exist. 

Okay now it’s time for you guys to look at WAY too many photos. Seriously there are over 200 of them and my website is barely functional these days so good luck. 

Click here to see all the photo from Day 1 of the 2021 Gathering of the Juggalos in Thornville, OH. 

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Insane Clown Posse


Kid 'N' Play

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Vanilla Ice

Gathering Of The Juggalos

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“Best” Of 2020

2020 was a fucking disaster and I am pretty sure we don’t need to go into all of that but I like to organize all my photos and pull selects every year so that I can make it easier to find stuff in the future and these throwback posts are a good way to go over some highlights and link to my favorite shoots of the year and 2020 is no exception. 

When I first picked up a camera when I was 15 for a photo class I didn’t really care about it so I only took photos for class and I think I got a C in it. A year later I took photo 2 and I started shooting punk shows and protests and got hooked on photography and it changed my life forever. I never really put down a camera after that… until 2020.

2020 was already slow for me. My roommate died at the end of November and December and most of January were spent just dealing with that shit until I went on my yearly AVN trip. I shot a lot of photos there but between the start of the pandemic last March up until the Black Lives Matter protests that rocked the country at the end of May I took almost no photos at all. I had this very weird mix of feelings. I felt this responsibility to my elderly neighbors and my community to stay inside, but I also felt this massive guilt for not being out in the streets documenting the end of the world as we knew it. For months I pretty much only left the house for essential stuff and I would bring my camera with me whenever I left the house but I didn’t shoot a lot. I tried to document the grafiti and the signage and capture some of the moment (see my zine Sign of the Times) but I didn’t do nearly enough to make me feel productive.

After George Floyd was murdered I felt like I had to hit the streets. This was too important not to be apart of and a video I captured of horrible police violence ended up going viral and being purchased by the NY Times, NY Post and Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. Ironically this awful moment ended up being the only paid work I did for most of 2020. I went to a bunch of protests over the summer and documented most of them, but I am embarrassed to admit that I eventually stopped going as the protests started getting smaller and smaller. I did hit the streets again a few months later when TV networks called the presidential race for Biden. It was one of the few highlights of a disastrous year.

I did do some shoots during the pandemic, including this socially distanced shoot, but the vast majority of the stuff I shot in 2020 happened on a less than two week trip in January to LA and Las Vegas when I went out to shoot the AVN Week madness. Heading home from Vegas from that trip was actually the last time I got on a plane after canceling trips to SXSW, the NFL Draft and two tattoo conventions I was supposed to shoot for Monster.

A year ago I shot Carmen when she visited NYC and Phoenix Marie literally the day before lockdown in NYC and over the summer when cases were low I did a day road trip with Nina and Kirra which ended up with some great shots (that you still haven’t seen all of), I did a weird late night shoot with Alex F and of course this shoot with the very flexible Amanda Whip. As far as the LA/Vegas stuff some highlights include the Aiden & Leda photos, my latest shoot with Carter and the super quick shoot I did with Alex Grey right before I came back to NYC forever. 

Right before the world ended I had booked a bunch of the work I mentioned earlier and I bought some bitcoin when it crashed right before the pandemic. I regretted it when I lost the jobs and it took me way too long to get unemployment, but I survived thanks to you guys. I started my OnlyFans and you guys bought my books and zines and had Girls of Driven By Boredom already going (I uploaded a NSFW “Best of” gallery including a bunch of shots not in this gallery). I had someone who supports my work just send me some cash and told me I could pay him in photos later. That shit meant so much to me. 

But things are looking up. That bitcoin I regretted buying is now worth more than 10 times what I paid for it. My unemployment is still going strong while my bills have pretty much decreased to just food, shelter and the cost to host this damn website. I paid off my credit card, got my first vaccine shot, I am finally headed back to LA and Vegas to shoot next month, and amazingly my NFT test run did really well. (I did manage to spent all that money on other people’s NFTs but I got some new stuff coming.) I still haven’t shot much in 2021, but my guess is the last 9 months of this year I am gonna be shooting a lot more than the first three  and I can’t fucking wait wait.

Thank you guys for everything and I hope that all of our 2021s are so much fucking better than 2020. 

In the meantime, click here to see a huge gallery of my favorite shots from the least prolific year of my career. 

Black Lives Matter



Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Angela White & Jules Jordan

Black Lives Matter

Carter Cruise

Biden Wins!

Gia DeMarco & Paige Owens

Defund The Police

Kirra & Nina 



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