Wonder Fair @ WAGMIAMI

I hit up my friend Krystall Schott when I was in Miami for Art Basel to photograph her for this grant I got to photograph people in the NFT world. She’s an artist, a musician and an event coordinator and as a former model, she is super photogenic. I had to shoot her for this project. She was crazy busy in Miami working on this NFT art show that she didn’t have a ton of time to shoot so I went to a place called Factory Town where she was setting up to photograph her right before the sun went down. (More on that when the project comes out.) Anyway while we were setting up this shoot she asked me to take photos at it. I was gonna go to the event anyway and my hurt back was feeling pretty good so I was totally down.

Okay, let’s start by saying it’s VERY complicated to explain what this event is. WAGMIAMI was a series of events inside a larger event that was actually part of a different event. The specific NFT gallery part of the event was actually the VIP area for a larger event but also that section changed every night. That VIP NFT gallery was curated by Trippy Presents but then Wonder Fair was inside of that. It’s all incredibly complicated but all very cool. Let me try and breakdown as much as possible.

First of all there was a ton of NFT art, obviously. Including some stuff I love including art by Krystall, Foodmasku who I own an NFT by and a bunch of great photographers because there was an NFT photography meetup earlier in the evening which I sadly missed while we were eating and I was buying batteries since I had no idea I was shooting an event for 6 hours with almost no notice. Throughout the night there were these incredible 3D movies shown on this huge wrap around screen by Jadu Hologram. The first movie was an Alex Grey piece (the famous artist, not to be confused with the pornstar) and then there were several showings of Resillusion by Orbseer. That stuff was honestly just mind blowing. There was also a live burning of a Takashi Murakami work that was apparently worth around $10,000. The idea was that they would burn the art, and then mint it as an NFT showing that art still has value digitally, but as an artist myself I think I would probably have a big problem with someone minting my work even if it was work they purchased from me. Who knows, at least it was interesting to photograph. 

At the same time all this was happening there was a huge stage set up for Mayan Warrior who are an arts collective who do Burning Man and a bunch of events like that. They have this giant pirate ship bus thing that they DJ on top of and the whole thing is pretty insane. I didn’t photograph a ton of that, but I did do a walk around before I left. I wanted to capture some of that stuff to add to the Wonder Fair photos since the events were all connected. Most of the last 40 photos in this gallery are from that. The other 100+ photos are just from Wonder Fair. 

Okay, I think that’s it. Thanks so much to Krystall and her partner Lena for having me out. Let’s look at some photos!

Click here to see all the photos from Wonder Fair at WAGMIAMI at Factory Town during Art Basel in Miami in Florida.

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Dan, Krystal & Ronen V

Mayan Warrior

Jadu Hologram

Trippy & Alex Grey


Wonder Fair x WAGMIAMI @ Art Basel

Wonder Fair x WAGMIAMI @ Art Basel


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