Siri Dahl Is Back!

I was in Kentucky on back to back weekends not too long ago and one of my favorite humans Siri Dahl happens to live there. She was traveling pretty much the whole time I was there, but luckily our schedules allowed for about two hours of photo taking which was great. She was actually one of the last people I photographed before the pandemic and it was our first shoot despite talking about shooting for many, many years. Seriously I think we first talked about shooting in like 2013 or something and didn’t shoot until 2020 and didn’t shoot again until a couple of months ago. She is great and hopefully we will get to shoot many more times in the future, but yeah. We got new Siri photos!

Siri is hilarious and has some, let’s just say, interesting pillows. We shot with them and her cat and eventually she brought out some super religious booty shorts that you might appreciate. We were in Kentucky after all. I feel like I need more caffeine or something because I have sort of reached the point in this post where I have run out of things to say, but just to recap, Siri is rad, she’s hot, and we took a bunch of nudes, some which are a little more explicit than I normally shoot. You will like them, if you like rad, hot people and vaginas and butts and things. Is anyone still reading this or are you just looking at photos?

As a reminder, we live in a puritanical hellscape and forward all my nudes are paywalled to Girls Of Driven By Boredom. I am really sorry about that but the site has thousands and thousands of nudes on there so I feel like it’s worth whatever Findrow is charging these days. Also, because I no longer have an OnlyFans, I edited together all the BTS video I shot for my OF into a minute long video of short clips and uploaded that to Girls of DBB as well. The video is free if you subscribe or $5 if you just wanna see it. 

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Siri Dahl and tens of thousands of other nude photos.

Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl

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