Jamie Peck

Fifteen years ago I met my friend Jamie Peck at a bar in Brooklyn. She was a Suicide Girl way back then and I had shot for them and we had some mutual friends and I feel like we were probably gonna do a shoot but then it didn’t happen and she sort of got away from that NSFW life and our friendship continued as she was a journalist and we worked for some of the same outlets and I ran into her all the time in nightlife. 

Years later I was working on a zine about public nudity and I did a collaboration with my friend Kate’s Tumblr called Boobs of Bushwick which was just photos of her and her friends flashing each other at bars. Jamie happened to be one of those friends and I actually did photoshoot / bar crawl with her and the BoB crew which was really fun. A few years after that when I was working on my Instaxxx book I hit her up again and I did a photo shoot with her and her roomate exclusive to that book. But in all that time, we never did a “proper” photoshoot until now. 

Over the years Jamie has become something of a minor left wing celebrity, working for The Majority Report and doing a bunch of podcasts and shows about hard left topics. Recently she’s parlayed her communist influencer status into an OnlyFans career, posting nudes to pay for her life so she can go on speaking tours like the one she’s on now. If that’s not controlling the means of production I don’t know what is. 

While she was on tour, she needed content to post while she was a way so we did two photo shoots, one that I will be posting on my site Girls of DBB and one that will be exclusive to her OnlyFans. We also shot some BTS videos that will be on my OnlyFans. I put a preview of both shoots on my OF today. Oh, the shoot today also has a few Instax photos and a couple film photos too. All of it is paywalled, but that is just the world we are living in. 

Okay, I am about to end this post, but my new zine Off The Hook comes out tomorrow. I will be doing a whole post about it soon, but you can still pre-order it, and I would love it if you did that. 

Time to click here to see all the photo of Jamie Peck on Girls of Driven By Boredom. 

Ps. These photos look much better than the low res previews I post on the front page of this site because it was designed in 2008 and anything higher res will break the page. 

Jamie Peck



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