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It took a pandemic for me to finally catch up on organizing my photos, but here we are. Obviously I still have 2020 to organize, but let’s just say I don’t think the best of 2020 is going to be a very big update. Not a lot of crazy events or intimate photoshoots happening right now, but I am trying to at least stay productive every day. As per all of these “Best of” updates I am gonna run through a few of my favorite events with some links if you want to check out more but honestly 2019 is mostly just naked people with a handful of events thrown in. I really want to get back into more of the events and journalism but not a great time for that right now. I should probably be out in the street shooting signs of the virus but it feels really selfish of me to risk the lives of my elderly neighbors just so I can take some photos, but maybe I am just a coward and making excuses. Moving on.

Every year my two biggest events are AVN Week and The Gathering of the Juggalos. I also had been to SXSW 14 years in a row but I missed it in 2019. I had my trip booked this year and the festival got canceled less than 24 hours after I bought my plane tickets. At least I got my money back. 

I shot some political stuff, which I would love to do more of like a pro choice protest and an Elizabeth Warren rally. I also shot some stuff for Gothamist including this really cool trash museum. I shot Exxxotica NJ which pretty much looks like AVN so you probably can’t tell the difference and I shot some BTS on my friend’s short film. I somehow just shot a single event for Sailor Jerry, but they did sponsor the #MetLifeTakeover.  Oh and I shot some photos in the snow that I just posted on Twitter or something so didn’t have a proper gallery. 

Honestly that’s it except for a bunch of naked girls. It’s pretty distressing to see now that I look at it all. I had a few corporate jobs that aren’t in here (I did include an outtake from some head shots I shot for a friend), but I really need to be doing more non naked work. But whatever, there are a bunch of nudes and you are probably here for that anyway so rejoice. If you see some photos in here that you haven’t seen before they are probably coming, or maybe I just uploaded them to Girls of DBB and you are too cheap to pay $3 a month to see it. That’s on you.

Okay, let’s move along. I will be back later in the week with some more nudes because apparently that’s all I got. See you soon.

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Gathering Of The Juggalos  


Elizabeth Warren

Leigh Raven @ AVN

More Juggalos, I Had To


Jane Wilde


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