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Apparently it’s Thursday so I guess this can be a “Throwback Thursday” post. Whatever the case it’s another addition of my “Best of” posts. I have spent way too much time of my life organizing every photo I’ve ever taken and I done with another yet. 2015 is in the books. Fortunately I’ve also pretty much finished 2016 too. I am getting dangerously closed to being organized.

2015 was a terrible year for me and it featured the single worst day of my life where I got served with a lawsuit on the way into my good friend DJ Jess’ funeral. On the way home I got into a car accident. A few weeks later I broke up with my girlfriend and got into a second car accident. Months of depression followed and honestly my photography suffered from it as well. My back has been fucked up from the (first) car accident as well. When I was going through some of these galleries I just kept thinking about how much worse they were than stuff I shot previously. It’s really weird how my personal state of being could impact my work so drastically.

That being said there are still some highlights. I am currently figuring out how I am going to make it to another Gathering of the Juggalos, and when going through that stuff from 2015 I realized it might have been some of my best ever juggalo coverage. I shot a record cover for one of my favorite bands. I shot some great portraits at SXSW. I had some work in an art show in LA. I got my head shaved my a 90’s teen icon at an Empire Records party. I covered some quality nerd stuff like NY Comic Con and a Bronies watch party. I shot my friend Eaddy’s band Ho99o9 a bunch of times. I shot some fun stuff for Sailor Jerry as always and the Fool’s Gold Day Off is always fun. Oh, and I had a book release party for my second book Dinner With Igor.

On the naked lady side I shot some decent stuff over the year. I really liked the shoot I did of Ava Dalush at AVN and these photos I took of Chanel Preston. I met Carter Cruise in 2015 and we did two photo shoots in LA and then she came to NYC and bought us matching NSFW tattoos for my birthday. I also met my friend January Seraph in 2015. She reached out to me when she read about my depression and after we shot together we became really close friends. Unfortunately we lost her to depression last year.  I shot my friend Lucy Everleigh for the first time in 2016 (it was her first ever shoot!) . I don’t love the photos we shot but she’s a good friend of mine now so that rules. And lastly I should mention the shoot I did with my friend Erica. It wasn’t naked but she is one of my favorite humans and I’ve known her forever and I love the photos we made. Plus she just had a baby a few days ago which is adorable. 

I also found a few unpublished shoots from 2015. I found a second shoot I did with Ava Dalush that I already edited and posted on Girls of Driven By Boredom over two years ago, but apparently forgot to post on here. I also found a really fun shoot I did with Jenna J. Ross (that I just posted on Girls of DBB today) that I have no idea how I lost. And of course I found the Kaya & Vonka shoot I posted in my last update. I am gonna try and get the Ava & Jenna shoots up this week and try and get rid of the old photos sets ASAP. I found a few when going through 2016 as well so I might make a whole week of it. 

There are a lot more photos in here this gallery but I don’t wanna keep typing this. Lot’s of nudity and madness and famous people and I need to eat. It’s a massive gallery of nearly 300 photos and a ton of links to keep you busy. Just a couple more of these posts and I am gonna have to come up with a new excuse for not having a proper portfolio site. Come back soon. There will be more photos…

Click here to see some of my best photos from 2015.


Jason Schwartzman

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Chanel Preston

Robert Duvall


Atrak & Joey Bada$$

Carter Cruise

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