Heather Vahn

Recently I got a giant hard drive that now has nearly every photo I have ever taken on it and I have recently been organizing all my photos so that I can easily get to any photo without having to search hard drive after hard drive. Now that everything is organized I have started going through all my photos day by day pulling the best images so that I have a folder of my greatest hits by year. I actually started this process a while back, but I stopped around the time I started working on my Instaxxx book. I had pulled highlights from 2008-2011 and the first half of 2016. Over the last couple of weeks I went through all of 2012 and then decided I should finish 2016 since I was already done… and that’s when I found it…

I found a found a folder from a November trip to LA with six unpublished shoots! I had a friend moving to LA from Ohio so I flew to Detroit and she picked me up and we drove across the country and when I got to LA I busted my ass shooting as many people on Polaroid for my Instaxxx book. When I returned to NYC I somehow lost the folder. I am not sure if it was because I was so busy working on my book or because I was distracted by the impending Trump administration or what, but I managed to forget about all these photos.

The folder has a bunch of good stuff in it and my plan is to update the site with three galleries this week starting with these photos of Heather Vahn. So keep checking back. I have actually already updated Girls of Driven By Boredom with Wednesday’s set so if you want to see those before anyone else, sign up for Girls of DBB!

So anyway, let’s get to Heather!

Heather Vahn and I shouldn’t be friends. We have pretty much nothing in common. She is fancy as fuck, is hugley committed to her health and looks and like glamorous photos with lots of Photoshop. Meanwhile I am a scumbag who hasn’t been to the gym since the ’90s and prefers my photography raw as hell. But for some reason Heather is one of my favorite people in the adult industry. When I got stranded at a porn convention she let me crash with her. When she got locked out of the place she was staying in NYC she crashed with me. She always hits me up when she’s in NYC and even celebrated my birthday with me this year and she is one of the first people I hit up whenever I am in LA or Vegas. She’s the greatest.

With all that said Heather and I had never done an actual photo shoot for some reason. I have taken her photo a bunch of times but this is the first time we did a proper thing. Once we did a shoot in a hotel room when I was trying out this $20 ring flash I bought for fun. I published it as part of a post where I dumped a bunch of random galleries, but I don’t really count that as a real shoot.

This shoot counts. We took these photos in this place in LA when Heather was mostly living in Vegas but was renting a room in LA so she had a place in town when she was working. It was this old Hollywood spot and the woman who owned it was a former actress and totally a babe for an older lady. She was super into us doing this naked photo shoot in her kitchen. After the shoot Heather and I filmed part of the Kickstarter video for my book!

Okay, this update is getting too long. Let’s recap: I found a bunch of photos, three naked galleries coming this week, Heather rules, buy my book, sign up for Girls of DBB (it has extra explicit photos of Heather too!) . The end.

Now click here to see the NSFW photos of Heather Vahn in Hollywood!

Heather Vahn

Heather Vahn

Heather Vahn




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