Four Babes, Three Galleries, One Post

I take a lot of photos. Many of those photos are of naked women because 1) It’s fun 2) It seems to get me a lot of Instagram followers and 3) you creepy bastards don’t seem to care about anything else I shoot. Sometimes I shoot a ton of great photos and am really psyched about them and can’t wait to get them up and other times I am just hanging out with a friend and we take a handful of photos and then I sort of forget about them and never end up doing anything with them.

Today I bring you three different sets that all have some nice shots but don’t really need to be their own post. I have so many girl galleries to get to and this seemed like a great way to get up a bunch of stuff that’s just sitting around my hard drives.

First up we have a shoot I did with Tuesday Cross that I found about a week ago. I had totally forgotten about this mini set that Tuesday and I shot several years ago. I have known Tuesday for a really long time and we’ve actually never done a proper photo shoot but I randomly ran into her in LA that happened to be right near my creepy motel room and so we took a handful of topless photos before she went home. I completely forgot about them but Tuesday is one of the coolest people I know so I wanted to get them up. I posted them on Girls of Driven By Boredom a few day ago but now you can lurk them as well.

Click here to see these random late night photos of Tuesday Cross!

Tuesday Cross

The second shoot I have for you is a two for one sort of deal. If you remember my shoot with Kate you will remember that 1) she is a babe and 2) she has a rad apartment. I even shot Finch Linden on her roof once! She also happens to have a really cute roommate that happens to be named Katie which is fucking confusing but kinda cool. They DJ together as 2 Katies which is a pretty good idea. Anyway, I went over to hang out with them and shoot some photos and I mostly was trying to shoot some 35mm film so I shot a bunch of black and white stuff of them and killed the rest of my roll of color film before I got on a flight before my road trip back in June. Shooting digital was an afterthought. I shot a few photos of them inside and then we went to their great roof but it was too windy to get anything good so we just sort of called it a day.

Katie recently asked me to send her some photos which reminded me to edit this set and I sort of forgot that it wasn’t a full shoot. That’s when I got the idea to do this multi-babe post. Last night I uploaded the whole set to Girls of DBB and because I want to give subscribers bonus content I also uploaded a bunch of the 35mm stuff I shot so if you have an account you should check that stuff out for sure. Much of it is unpublished even if some has ended up on my Tumblr. But yeah, these girls are babes and I hope to shoot more of them soon or at least just hang out at their apartment until my cat allergies get the best of me.

Now, click here to see the naked photos of Kate & Katie!

2 Katies

Lastly I got some photos of one of my favorite people, Heather Vahn. Heather is like the most motivated person I know and she looks amazing naked and she is really fun to hang out with. She also rescued me once when I really needed a place to crash which was really rad of her and she also has hot friends and got me laid once. So yeah, Heather fucking rules.

A while back Heather was in NYC and had a cool hotel room and I asked her if I could come try out this cheap little ring flash I bought. Turns out it’s fucking garbage and I took a ton of photos of her that looked really cool on my screen but were actually pretty awful. The light was totally inconsistent, it made Heather squint a lot and the focus was soft in a lot of photos which is probably my fault but I am gonna blame it on the light. I went through the photos last night after I decided to do this three gallery post because three is a good number for internet posts and because I am not happy enough for these to be their own post.

That being said Heather is really fucking hot and you should look at these photos cause they are sexy as fuck anyway. I bought the ring flash cause it gives this creepy homemade porn vibe so even if the photos aren’t technically great they are still hot. I also threw these up on Girls of DBB last night with some bonus extra dirty shots because 1) I am heroic and 2) I want your money. So sign up now or be a cheap bastard and look at the free, low res versions in the gallery below.

Click here to see my failed ring flash experiment with the amazing Heather Vahn!

Heather Vahn

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