The Rest Of 2016

With 2016 finally ending I figured I would go through my 2016 photo archives and pull a bunch of photos of babes that probably weren’t gonna ever see the light of day and then just add them all together and do a post. Clear out all that stuff and move on. I still have a bunch of solid girl shoots from 2016 that haven’t gone up yet (and to be honest probably some even older ones) but I just wanted to do some January cleaning.

I am not going to give you the run down of EVERYTHING in this massive gallery but I will hit on the highlights and sort of explain why these photos didn’t get their own update.

To start with there are some safe for work photos (or at least Instagram safe) that I shot while working on my upcoming instant film book. These are shots of friends of mine that don’t usually do nudity but were willing to pose for my book. In several cases I shot a handful of digital shots as well and they were just sort of sitting on my hard drive. There were also some shoots, like the one I did of Cassidy Klein and Melissa Moore, where I just focused on shooting film and didn’t really bother to shoot much digital stuff.

Also in this gallery there are two galleries that were poorly shoot and fairly graphic that I had already posted to Girls of Driven By Boredom. I shot Abella Danger with her emoji pillows when I was staying with her in LA a few months ago. That same week I shot Belle Noire in her hotel room. Both shoots were shot with flash and were just us fucking around killing time. I was hoping to get one or two decent shots out of it and that’s it but they made good content for Girls of DBB. I pulled a few of the tamer pics to give you guys for free. If you wanna see the rest you should probably sign up for Girls of DBB.

Speaking of Abella, one night we were hanging out with a bunch of people at Carter Cruise’s place and I took a few photos of Blair Williams and Abella while we were waiting for Carter and everyone else to show up. One of the photos from that night might end up in my new book but the digital stuff was trash but the girls are babes so enjoy.

There’s some random photos of Draven Starr from the night I did her podcast and some random shots from the first attempt at my instant film book Kickstarter video. There’s some shots of Annika Amour that I took with this cheap ring flash I bought. I tried shooting with it a few times and hated everything (like these shots of Heather Vahn) so I sent her the photos and didn’t do anything with them until now. There’s some shots of Joseline Kelly that are terrible cause I got stuck in traffic and we ran out of natural light and then she got really high and couldn’t open her eyes. Whoops. Oh and there’s some shots of my friend Sonia that I just didn’t love. Fortunately she looks so fucking rad naked that there’s a bunch of shots here with lurking.

Anyway, this gallery features 80 photos, more than a dozen girls and shoots and a lot of fun stuff to look at. You can see these and more in high resolution on Girls of DBB (I posted this whole set three days ago there!) and up have a happy fucking 2017.

Click here to see the rest of 2016 in naked babe photos!


Belle Noire


Joseline Kelly



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  1. Neil
    February 21st, 2017 | 1:29 pm

    Who is that girl in the first video. With the shades on. Obsessed.

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