Seattle Girls For Wood Rocket

My fifth and final collaboration with Wood Rocket went up a few days ago. It’s a pretty fun shoot with three girls: Lucy Everleigh, Romance and Hunny Daniels. Lucy came with me up to Seattle and the first night we crashed with Hunny and then we got a hotel so we could take photos in it with a few girls. One of them couldn’t make it but it still was a three girl shoot which wasn’t a terrible idea.

Now I don’t really know how to live my life like the world didn’t just end last night and the United States some how elected a racist, misogynist sex offender as our next president. As a straight white man I feel like I will be okay at least until the war starts or the ocean levels rise but I am fairly certain I am going to lose my health care. Oh, and I have empathy so I am not terribly excited about how women and minorities are going to be treated from now on. I have no fucking idea how this could happen but I guess a bunch of people wanted it to happen so fuck it right? Let’s all watch the world burn together. Honestly I don’t even know what to say or do.

I am in Tucumcari, NM right now headed west. I ate a giant steak today and now anyone who donates $4 or more to the Kickstarter gets a really stupid button. I honestly feel really sick now from the steak but hopefully I will not die. At least I got a free t-shirt. Tomorrow we are headed through New Mexico and onto Holbrook, AZ where I booked a room inside a fucking wig wam because American is still great.

Anyway, back to the girls. Check out the full set on Wood Rocket here. I uploaded a few pics to this site because it’s what I do and they are on Girls of DBB also, but if you want to see all the photos in high res for free and all that you need to go to Wood Rocket.

Talk to you guys soon. Stay sane.

Seattle Girls

Seattle Girls

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