2016 Exxxotica New Jersey

Hey guys I am on day two of a three week trip starting with a drive across the country. I am just south of St. Louis at the moment helping my friend Alex move to LA. From there I am in California for 10 days before hitting DC for Thanksgiving and then heading to Miami for the post-Thanksgiving weekend. Should be a fun trip.

Normally I would put up the Road Trip blog while I was away but I have a few updates to get to before I do that. The first one is this post about Exxxotica, NJ which I will get to in a second. I also have to do an update about the final Wood Rocket gallery that went up a few days ago.

My third update is going to be about the 72 Oz Steak that I am going to attempt to eat tomorrow. In Amarillo, TX there is a restaurant called the Big Texan and they have this infamous steak eating contest. Last time I did Route 66 it was on my list of things I wanted to do but it didn’t work out. Tomorrow it’s fucking going down. I put up an absurdist Kickstarter to raise money to eat the steak and I raised twice as much in 24 hours so that was pretty amazing. Really the Kickstarter is just a pre-order for the new Driven By Boredom enamel buttons I made but don’t tell anyone that. You still have nearly a week to get on that but even if you don’t you can still watch me eat it tomorrow, just download the app Hype and follow drivenbyboredom so you know when I go live tomorrow.

Now, let’s get to these fucking Exxxotica photos.

I have covered so many Exxxotica conventions and most of them have been in Jersey. I have covered two in Chicago as well but this was my first time actually working for Exxxotica. I hit Exxxotica photographer/ friend of mine/ excellent naked photo taker Steve Prue up about getting a ride to New Jersey and he told me that he actually needed a second photographer for Friday. So that worked out pretty well.

Normally when I shoot an adult convention I sort of half ass it because there’s so much to shoot and it’s easy to get a handful of good shots and spend the rest of the time talking to porn babe friends. I mostly cover these things because it’s a good way to find new models and visit people I only see a few times a year, but because I was working this thing I actually had to work and I took over 1000 photos over two days so there is a massive amount of photos for you to look at.


I gotta get back on the road since I have to make it to Oklahoma City tonight so I am not gonna say much more about the convention but there’s a lot to look at and it’s pretty NSFW. Oh, and my Christmas Card is gonna be pretty great this year…

Lastly, before we get to the photos make sure you go vote today. Even if you don’t like the candidates it’s important to be part of democracy. People fight and die for something we take for granted so don’t and get out and vote. And if you live in California please Vote No on 60. It’s a measure designed to look like it’s protecting adult performers but in actuality is a way to harass the adult industry and get it out of the state. Read more here.

Ps. Samantha Rone took some of these photos cause I gave her my camera for a bit because I didn’t feel like carrying it anymore.

Now click here to see the HUGE gallery of photos from the 2016 Exxxotica NJ!

Christiana Cinn

Exxxotica NJ

Cadence Lux

Dahlia Skye & Kenna James

Adriana Chechik

Veronica Rodriguez

Charlotte Sartre & Chloe Carter

Dolphin Woman & Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD

Madison Scott


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