Meet Jezabel Vessir

When I was in Chicago for Exxxotica my friend Heather Vahn introduced me to her friend Jezabel Vessir (or is it Visser? Her Twitter has both names and that’s fucking confusing). We ran into each other a few times that day and in the middle of the night on the last day of Exxxotica we did a quick photoshoot in her hotel room.

You may have noticed I shoot in a lot of hotel rooms and clearly that is mostly for convenience given that when I am traveling or people are visiting NYC they make for easy locations. They are not always so fun to shoot in because hotel rooms tend to have horrible light and random fixtures and things that get in the way of otherwise decent shots. But something happened at some point in my life and I started to love the look of hotel rooms… especially the run down ones and stuff. The hotel in Chicago was pretty nice, but I still love the realness of shooting in a room with luggage on the floor and awful hotel room light.

Aside from the hotel room vibe, Jezabel is fucking stunning. Like she is so unreasonably pretty and she has this puppy dog look when she’s just looking at you which is actually kinda amazing and then she smiles and that’s amazing too and I don’t know but I really want to shoot her again, and again and again. Hopefully I will get another chance at Exxxotica New Jersey in November if someone can give me a ride there…

I don’t know what else to say except Jezabel is wonderful and there are some extra bonus pictures on Girls of Driven By Boredom. If you had Girls of DBB you could have seen these photos two days ago too (and in high resolution). Just saying…

Click here to see all the photos of Jezabel Vessir (or is it Visser?!).

Jezabel Vessir

Jezabel Vessir

Jezabel Vessir

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