Carter Cruise

Let’s start off NSFW week with a good one! We will have a new girl post every day this week starting with the amazing Carter Cruise!

When Carter Cruise won Best New Starlet at the 2015 AVN Awards I was outside talking to a super hot cam girl instead of doing my job. I had honestly never heard of her before then but she cleaned up at the AVNs and XBiz and she happens to be represented by porn’s best agent and world’s most photogenic human Mark Spiegler. Clearly I needed to know who she was and when I googled her I noticed she was following me on Twitter. I immediately hit her up to let her know I would be in LA the following week and that if she wanted to take photos I would be very into it.

Carter was busy the whole time I was in LA except for my very last night in town which also happened to be the night of the Super Bowl. I had her meet me at Donald Glover’s Super Bowl party because I wanted to see if I could make this post extra name droppy and then we went back to my super creepy hotel room (where I had already shot Amarna Miller & Silvia Rubi) and took a bunch of photos.

I was in a horrible mood because the cheating sacks of skin and garbage known as the New England Patriots had just won the Super Bowl but Carter fucking rules and the shoot a blast. She was just laughing the whole time so I took really fun photos of her losing her shit and making dumb faces and just being a super hot babe to the max.

After the shoot we went over to Janice Griffith and Alison Faye’s apartment for some reason and I took a hand full of naked photos of the three of them because that seems like the right thing to do and then we went over to the Ace Hotel for an LA Art Book Fair after party.

By the end of the night Carter and I had become bffs and we decided we would get NSFW tattoos together. I had a flight in a few hours so the tattoos would have to wait, but  last week Carter was in New York and we got tattooed together! I actually spent my whole 35th birthday with her which was great cause as I mentioned she is awesome and hanging out with a really hot naked 20 something is the perfect cure for feeling old as fuck.

In conclusion, Carter rules, she’s really hot and these photos are fucking fun (and not at all color balanced). On top of the photos here we took another 20 or so kinda pervy photos that if you are into that kinda thing you should totally look at over at Girls of Driven By Boredom. And you get 20% off using the code “nsfwweek” in celebration of this amazing week of naked babes. Get on it!

Now click here to see all the naked photos of Carter Cruise!

Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise

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  1. Jeff
    June 8th, 2015 | 7:53 pm

    Amazing photos of Carter, an absolute goddess. You had the best 35th birthday present ever!!! Carter is a celestial being…she keeps you feeling like the kid you are!

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