Webster Hall New Year’s Eve – 12.31.10

Welcome back and happy 2011. This is the first post of the new year and hopefully it will be a good one.   I went to Webster Hall for New Years Eve and although I had a few other plans I ended up being there all night. As you may know I don’t drink except on rare occasions, NYE being one of those, and after more than a dozen bourbons I was not really thinking about heading to Brooklyn except to my bed.  That being said I didn’t actually get home until about 7 and I don’t think I was asleep until 10 or 11.  Fun.

So I got to Webster Hall about 5 shots of 90% bourbon into my night and I was pretty ready to go. It was just before midnight so I took a few photos upstairs and then made my way to the stage where there was some stage show I can’t even explain was going on.  They had vegas show girls and some sort of crazy clown man and then at midnight they dropped 100,000 balloons on us and a naked New Years baby came out… or was that a dwarf?  Who really knows…

After that I went upstairs to where Trash was and those guys gave me some drink tickets and I continued getting retarded.  I made out with some guidette for some reason and then it’s sort of a blur after that. I actually pissed in two water bottles on stage. It was pretty fantastic.  I was probably 10 drinks into the night when the Burning Angel crew showed up.  I drank some of their vodka at which point things really got sloppy.  I am pretty sure I made out with about four more people from that point onward.  Joanna Angel did a burlesque number and then there was a gay naked cowboy followed by Bella Vendetta and Draven doing a Freddy Vs. Jason strip show. I was just laying on the stage for most of it but a woman named Claudette was holding on to me and that kept me upright and shooting.

By the time that was over the Bloody Beatroots were playing downstairs so I stumbled my way back to the stage. I had to climb over the barrier that separated the crowd from the stage and it was a miracle that my camera survived. I made a good faith attempt to shoot the Beatroots but I was clearly way too drunk at that point to even try.  I climbed on stage and took a few crowd shots and then made my way back upstairs to just sit down for a while. It was all pretty much disastrous but I don’t think I did anything really stupid and I started sobering up by the end of the night so it all worked out for the best I think.  There worst thing to happen was that about 50 shots were ruined because of something on my lens causing the middle of every shot to be blurry. I love that I didn’t even notice…

Anyway it was a fun night and the pictures are pretty NSFWYou should look at all of the in focus shots from Webster Hall’s 2011 New Year’s Eve celebration by clicking right here. Happy New Year.

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