Sammie Sixx And Mia Rebel

Remember this crazy party we did to benefit Jessie Lee? Well that night, pretty much at the end of the night, Sammie Sixx and Mia Rebel started making out.  They are both Bombshell Brats but they had just met that night and fell in lust at first site.  They were all over each other and of course I suggested being the creepy dude I am that we should take this to the bathroom.  We took a bunch of photos of them topless kissing and then all of a sudden shit got serious. I pretty much watched them have sex in the bathroom while I just took pictures.  Now unless it happens on stage at a party or something I do not post hard core images on this website.  Driven By Boredom is NOT a porn site despite what you have heard.  I like my photos trashy, but not sleazy if that makes any sense.  So I decided to do two things with these pictures.  The first thing I did was do an edit that I felt comfortable posting on Driven By Boredom.  These photos are still a lot more scandalous than most of the stuff I post on here, but they aren’t graphic.  The second thing I did was I did a second edit but I left in all the super graphic shots.  I decided to make that available as a special prize for helping Jessie Lee.

We have raised a lot of money for Jessie Lee after her car accident but she still needs help.  So if you go to and donate $15 between now and January 18th (which is when I return from a 2 week trip to the West Coast) I will send you all the pictures from this set. These girls and I were all at this party cause we love Jessie Lee so I figured this was the best way to deal with these super hot, yet way too dirty pictures. So donate some money and forward your Pay Pal receipt to me and I will send you a link to a zip file full of sexy lesbian goodness.  So help a girl who needs it and get some dirty pictures.  I feel like everyone wins.

Now again, thes rest of the photos are still very NSFW so be warned before clicking here to see Sammie Sixx and Mia Rebel make out naked in a bathroom.

Update: These photos are now available on Girls of Driven By Boredom.

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