Chicago has been pretty fucking insane. It started out pretty chill after I drove to Chicago from Detroit and got dinner with two of my friends director Joe Swanberg and photographer Clayton Hauck. I made plans with them separately but when I introduced them they had actually already met as two days previous Clayton shot Joe for an article in Chicago Magazine. Wild coincidence. After dinner there was hangs in Joe’s weird Tiki themed basement that I may have mentioned yesterday and then I updated this site and crashed out.

In the morning I met up with porn babe Caprice Capone and we went to the Navy Pier and I got her naked on the Ferris Wheel. We rode it twice and I am pretty sure they caught us the second time but instead of going to jail and becoming sex offenders we just got laughed at. After that we went to a beach where we attempted to get her naked in the water but two kids saw her in her tiny bikini and kept lurking so we sort of gave up. It was fun to swim in Lake Michigan even if we didn’t get any rad photos. (We may have snapped a few…) As I was driving her to the train station a crazy storm/tornado hit and I was pretty sure my car was going to get thrown into the lake, but fortunately I made it to my friends Jillian and Madlab place alive.

I watched the first period of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup playoff game with them and then ran over to a comic book store to shoot Rizzo Ford in front of a huge wall of golden era comics. It was a pretty cool shoot although the light was a little weird. Right as I was leaving the comic book store the Hawks won in a dramatic come from behind historic victory to claim the cup and Chicago was just completely insane after that. Total madness everywhere.

I then headed over to Evil Olive to shoot the insane Porn N Chicken party. Check out the first time I shot it. It was a pretty crazy time and there will be a ton of pictures from that soon. I took almost 600 shots. Bananas.

Anyway, I am fucking about to pass out and I have to be awake in 4 hours to get on the road again. This time with Sidney Scarlet. It should be fun. Pics of Caprice, Rizzo and PNC after the jump. NSFW.

Caprice Capone Naked On A Ferris Wheel

Rizzo Ford Naked In A Comic Book Store

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions

Porn N Chicken

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