Off To Texas

Headed back to my 14th straight South By Southwest in Austin, TX this week. I wasn’t even going to do an update about it because I ran out of time and I don’t have any actual content to share with you or anything but my flight got delayed and I missed my connecting flight and now I am bored in the Delta Sky Lounge and it seemed like a good time to update you guys on some random stuff.

Firstly if you want to follow my SXSW trip check out my Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. Should be updating all that stuff. Snapchat too. My name is predictably “drivenbyboredom” on all of them.

Next up I figured I would update you guys on my Instaxxx book. After raising $20k on Kickstarter I have quickly found out that’s not really enough money to do a hardcover book. My first estimate came back at $22k. $20k after fees and taxes and shipping costs and film costs is suddenly like $10k. Not ideal. So I am going with softcover but it’s gonna be twice the size of my last two books so that should be pretty awesome.

I have pretty much finished shooting for the book and I have scanned all the instant film that I shot. Next up is laying out the book which I will be starting on pretty much as soon as I get back.

If you backed the book I will be doing a Kickstarter update when I get back with all sorts of info and if you haven’t backed the book you can still pre-order a copy here.

Lastly I should mention that I had some stuff fall through at SXSW so I have a bunch of free time if anyone needs a last minute photographer… or perhaps you live in Austin and are a super hot babe and wanna be in my book. Just saying… If either of those things are the case hit me up!

And since I have nothing else to post here is a photo of my friend Selina I took last time I was in Austin. I actually turned this photo into a postcard that you can buy here.

Red Lobster

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Aneta At Hello Beautiful

First of all, I am back from my trip to LA. You may have noticed that because I am actually updating. I had this update all ready to go, but yet I couldn’t find 30 minutes to post it while I was in LA. Moving on…

Aneta is a fucking babe. I found her on an almost completely useless website and sent her a message but she didn’t get it because the unnamed site is almost completely useless. However, I did find a link to her Instagram and I followed her and she followed me back and a week later she was getting naked in front of the staff and customers of the Williamsburg Brooklyn salon, Hello Beautiful.

The shoot came about when I had just launched my Instaxxx Kickstarter. The day it launched I reached out to Nakid Magazine and offered them an exclusive instant film shoot in exchange for promoting my Kickstarter. They were all about it, so the next day Aneta and I met up at Hello Beautiful.

I had just shot Hello Beautiful’s owner Rebecca (and her girlfriend) for my Instaxxx project and she told me I could shoot at Hello Beautiful sometime. My thought was I would use it after work but Aneta and I went over there anyway because Rebecca mentioned their was a basement that we could use during business hours.

When we got there Rebecca convinced us that we should just shoot while customers were in the shop. She asked anyone if they minded and they didn’t so we got to work. We shot a ton of Instax and I also shot a handful of digital too because it was such a cool opportunity so I figured I would double down.

The photos ended up on Nakid Magazine a few days later.

Anyway, I uploaded all the digital images to Girls of Driven By Boredom over a week ago because I like to keep content on there fresh all the time so I figured I would throw it up on here too. Honestly the digital stuff was a second thought but I still think they are pretty fun.

And speaking of Girls of DBB and mediocre digital photos I threw up some random digital shots of Stevie Foxx and Cassidy Aka HookerProblemz hanging out in a hotel room doing weird shit mostly involving spitting on each other. I was shooting them for my Instaxxx book too but I figured I should just throw these up on Girls of DBB anyway.

Lastly, I should mention my trip to LA was pretty successful. I think I shot at least a half dozen Instax that will end up in my new book, I played a bunch with the Instax Mini camera which might end up in the introduction of the book and I shot about 10 rolls of 35mm film. On top of that I shot a half dozen digital sets and I think I may have even found a printer for the book so all and all a good trip.

Okay enough house keeping; let’s look at some photos….

Click here to see the photos of Aneta naked in public at Hello Beautiful Salon.






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AVN Nomination Party, New Merch & More

After being gone for nearly all of November I am finally back in NYC! I have so much to do this week and so much to get to so let’s get to it as quickly as we can! Make sure you read the whole thing!

First up is the photos from the AVN Nomination party that I shot more than a week ago in LA. I totally forgot to get these photos up but some of them were already up on the LA Weekly. This gallery has a LOT more photos and a lot of nudity. The party featured a wild performance from Ty Dolla $ign and a ton of my friends were nominated for awards so congrats guys.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2016 AVN Nomination Party at Avalon in Hollywood.

Ty Dolla $ign

Kristina Rose & Mick Blue High Five

AVN Nomination Party

Speaking of people that were nominated for AVN Awards my friend Abella Danger was nominated for a ton of awards including Female Performer of the Year. Back in June I took some random photos of Abella in her bed filled with emjoi pillows. The photos were just shot with my on camera flash and are really mediocre from a technical standpoint, BUT they are still really fucking hot and a lot of them are honestly too explicit to post on this site anyway. Fortunately for you when I take mediocre but sexy photos they get uploaded to the Girls of Driven By Boredom which features all the girl photos you see on here, but also a lot of exclusive stuff including a lot more graphic shots that I never post on the main site.

Click here (and sign up) to see all these Abella Danger emoji pillow photos on Girls of DBB!

Abella Danger

Finally I have some new merch to bring you guys!

The black on black Driven By Boredom snapback hats are back. I just got 10 of them made (well a dozen but I am keeping two) so they (hopefully) shouldn’t be around too long. Since I missed Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and Ayn Rand Sunday I am gonna make the hats $3 cheaper and include an DBB enamel pin for free for the rest of this week!

Click here to get your DBB Snapback!

DBB Snapback

This brings us to the DBB Enamel pins! I just got some really awesome DBB Enamel pins in the mail. Most people charge $10 for enamel pins because they have no respect for you. My pins are just $6 (with free US shipping!) because margins on pins are fucking stupid and I can pretty much make my money back  as long as I sell like 20 of them. These things are super hip right now and clearly you need one so you can look as cool as all your friends. Did I mention you get one free with a DBB Snapback? Get on it.

Click here to get your DBB Enamel pin! 

DBB Enamel Pin

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See You Down The Road…

Just months before Leonard Cohen died he wrote a letter to his muse Marianne Ihlen who was dying of cancer. He ended the letter “Goodbye old friend, endless love, see you down the road.” Two days later she was gone.

Reading this letter days after the election I can only feel this for my country. I spent a week driving down Route 66 with less of the nostalgia I felt the first time I drove the Mother Road. The first time I drove it I thought about this great America where people went on vacations where the trip was as much of the adventure as the destination. This was the America that existed in the decades after World War II where the men had come home to a heroes welcome and women left the factories and had kids and America made things!

This is the nostalgia for America that Trump supporters have when they want to make America great again. But they don’t think of the cost of that greatness. They don’t think about the destruction of Europe that led to the booming American economy, they don’t think about our current medicare crisis that has been caused by the baby boom, they don’t think about black and brown people being second class citizens… well maybe they do think about that last one.

Whatever the case I feel like we are saying goodbye to America, our endless love and handing her off to Trump and collection of white nationalists and just hoping we are going to see our country again down the road…

All of this is to say that the Road Trip Blog is now open while I am out of town for two more weeks. Click through to read hopefully regular updates from my trip. I am in LA for another week and then to DC and Miami. Will keep you as up to date as possible.

Click here to read the Driven By Boredom Road Trip Blog.

Down The Road

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My Ever First Shoot With Janice Griffith

I spent 5 days in LA followed by a 9 day road trip. When I got back I almost immediately left again for Chicago Exxxotica. A few days after that I took off for the Gathering of the Juggalos and then right away I went on a much needed four day vacation in exotic Delaware. In total I have spent about 11 days in NYC in the last six weeks. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on my mood) I am back in town for a while.

August is a notoriously slow month for me so hopefully I can tackle some new projects and maybe get a new zine ready for the NY Art Book Fair in September. I just dropped off my camera to get it repaired, cleaned and regripped and gonna take the time without a camera to finally unpack from the last few trips, do my god damn taxes and maybe finally build some really stupid websites I have in mind. But all of this is boring and you came here for the nudity so let’s get into it.

The first time I ever shot with Janice Griffith was in January of 2014. She has just joined the adult industry and I shot her for a magazine that (for reasons I will not get into) probably doesn’t want much to do with either Janice or I. I published some photos I shot of Veruca James from the same day and posted some (fairly graphic) shots I took of her and Janice together on Girls of Driven By Boredom but I never posted the Janice ones.

A few months later I shot Janice again and I ended up posting those, but then some shit happened and I couldn’t really post these older photos but they have been edited for well over a year. Well all the bullshit is over and I just remembered I had these and I figured you guys could see them. Plus I miss Janice so it’s nice to look at her rad boobs and I feel like you guys will feel the same way.

Also, I should mention that the set I posted on Girls of DBB is much larger because I shot these for  an adult magazine that is a lot more interested in the inside of vaginas than I am. So yeah, if you like that sort of thing you should probably sign up. God knows I could use the money…

Now click here to see the first ever naked photos I shot of Janice Griffith!

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

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Off To See The Juggalos

It seems like just last week I turned this over to the DBB Road Trip Blog and it certainly does not seem like it’s been a year since the Gathering of the Juggalos. But it is that time again! Time for weird terrifying clown photos and fun time madness. Nudity and violence and music and all the insanity you expect from my annual Gathering of the Juggalos coverage.

This year I am covering the Gathering for the LA Weekly and associated papers as well as Noisey and Chicagoist. I have a feeling I will pick up a few other clients along the way (because I always do) and I am sure my juggalo photos will be all over the internets as per usual.

If you don’t know what the Gathering is, here is a link to 6 years of GOTJ coverage. Good luck.

For the rest of you it might be time to temporarily block me on all social networks because you are in for a week of juggalo overkill. I will try to break it up a bit, but no promises…

So head on over to my road trip blog. Hopefully I will be throwing stuff up there daily but at the very least I got a little surprise in store for you for the first update.

Click here to head over to the DBB Road Trip Blog.

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Back On The Road

Leaving town tomorrow morning for the rest of the month and I am breaking open the Road Trip Blog again. Over there I post daily updates from my travels as it’s a lot easier doing that than clogging up the main page.

I am headed to LA for five days to see my family, friends and of course take photos of some babes. My parents are out there visiting my brother and they offered a free plane ticket if I came with them. I doubled down on the free plane ticket and picked up some work and turning my parents weekend trip into a two week road trip.

I will be Instagraming, Tweeting and Snapchating a lot. I have no idea how to link my Snapchat because I barely understand how it works but my name is drivenbyboredom on there like on every fucking thing.

Now to find out more about the trip and check out my daily updates…

Head on over to the DBB Road Trip Blog!


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Off To SXSW 2016!

Tomorrow I head to my 13th straight South By Southwest music festival to cover music week for a bunch of clients. My main job will be covering the Floodfest day parties but I should be roaming around at night trying to eat as much BBQ and tacos as can fit into my face. Also pancakes. Austin has really good diners.

The important thing about this update is that I direct you to my Road Trip Blog where I will be updating daily since I won’t have time to upload full galleries from SXSW until I get back. I will also be updating my Twitter and Instagram a lot because that’s what I do. Tumblr too.

So click here to follow my week in Austin for SXSW on the DBB Road Trip blog!


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2016 Girls Of AVN

This post is gonna solve a lot of problems at once so let’s get into it.

The first issue is that Driven By Boredom turned 15 yesterday and I totally forgot. That’s not really a problem that needs fixing but I figured I should at least mention it. I started this madness in 2001 and it’s amazing that not only is this website part of my life, but really the main part of my life. I started it because I went to a party school for college as a straight edge punk kid. There was no punk scene and all the social shit was based around bros drinking. I left after two years and went to art school but the two years that I spent hanging out in my dorm room in front of my computer  bored out of my mind paid off I guess.

Next up is that I have a bunch of random naked girl photos from my trip to Vegas for AVN I don’t really know what to do with. I did all that worked for Blacked and Tushy and didn’t have time to shoot a lot of other girls, but I did shoot a few things here and there. I decided to put together a small gallery of random photos from the week that didn’t really stand on their own.

The first day I was in Vegas for AVN I shot this girl named Yvonne in exchange for a ride to my hotel from the airport because I am a genius so we have a few of those shots. I took a few photos my friends Jenna Valentine and Josie Jacobs because they are the best and I was hanging out with them a bunch over the weekend. Josie’s pictures exist because there was a humidifier in Claire Robbins’ room and I thought I should take a photo or two using that for fun. Then Jenna wanted me to shoot a couple photos of her using her beauty light (she was doing make up for porn babes all weekend). I ran into Jesabella Marie from the Suicide Sirens in the casino and she was with Leya Falcon and another friend and I took a couple photos of the three of them and then shot Jesabella in the shower for a couple of shots. All of this was just random bullshit and not an actual shoot but it was fun. There’s also one photo of this girl Hunny Bearr cause she was with me when I ran up to my room to get new batteries or something so we took like three photos of her boobs cause why wouldn’t we? We meant to shoot again, but we never did.

Now on top of all that I also threw in a couple of photos that preview upcoming full shoots I did. I shot Samantha Bentley as per AVN tradition. Sam is the best and I will have a full shoot of her up one of these days. I shot Romance (who I have known forever but never really photographed) and her friend Phoebe Phelpz the last night I was in Vegas. They basically rolled around my hotel room while I half assedly took photos while watching the NFL Playoffs. It was pretty fun though cause I basically ended up getting a double lap dance while taking photos which is not the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon. That shoot will be up one of these days too. And lastly I met this girl “Lil Brown Eyes” in LA right before I went to Vegas. She dates a porn dude named Bryan Gozzling and I hung out with them a lot at AVN. Bryan is a good dude and Lil Brown Eyes is really great to photograph. They are also in some sort of wild fetish relationship that involves a lot of pissing and vomiting and all sorts of stuff that I can’t really understand but is worth taking photos of. I shot a normal set of her and then I shot him torturing her (in a good way). I added a few photos of them, but you will be hearing a lot a more about all that soon.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, Girls of Driven By Boredom is working again. I was having problems updating it for two weeks but it seems to be functional now. To make that up to subscribers I have uploaded a LOT of new high resolution content.

  • I added all the Blacked & Tushy photos including a bunch of extra explicit shots.
  • I added a full set of Yvonne’s photos.
  • I added a full set of Jesabella Marie’s photos.
  • And I added some actual porn! Leya Falcon blew her boyfriend while we were all hanging out and I took photos. Normally I wouldn’t post those shots but they are pretty fucking wild and I want people to spend money on Girls of DBB so fucking sign up to see this shit. It’s probably worth it. Just saying.

Okay, this post is way too long but I had a lot to see. Go sign up for Girls of DBB and then click the link below.

Click here to see a gallery of left over NSFW photos from my 2016 AVN Awards trip!

Jenna Valentine

Leya Falcon

Lil Brown Eyes

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