The Other American Dream Art Show

The Other American Dream

Tonight, at Galapagos Art Space, I have a bunch of photos in an art show called “The Other American Dream” which is described as “A night of burlesque, acclaimed nude photography, music, magic, and more in celebration of figures on the frontier of the New American Sexuality”. Now while I realize that any event with magic and burlesque sounds like there are going to be a lot of people there dressed like it’s the 1890’s I assure you this will be an event not to be missed. Aside from having a chance to buy art from some of the best contemporary nude photographers for insanely cheap prices you will get to see Stoya do naked acrobatics and there is a kissing booth and Buck Angel is going to be there and um tons of weird deviant things that you will tell your grandchildren about. Also Stormy Leather and Madame Rosebud are two of the best burlesque performers in NYC and I would know because I have seen more burlesque than I have ever wanted to. Most of it is garbage but Stormy and Rosebud kill it every time. Plus the last Darling House art show was a really good time. Do not sleep on this.

The show is at 8pm tonight which I realize is in just a few hours and it also costs $20 which is more than I have paid to get into a party this century BUT it will be worth it and you get a free drink. Also all the money goes to putting out a nude art magazine of some sort which seems important somehow.

So yeah. Go to this tonight.

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