Hockey Is Back!


It’s been a minute since I added a new B-Side because there have been some delays in my site redesign but since we are getting closer to the redesign I wanted to start posting more of these. B Sides are going to be a big part of this blog in the future as a way for me to post non photography related content without dragging the main photography content down to the bottom.

I wanted to post today because 95% of my friends and fans do not care about hockey and for this I hate you. Hockey is amazing and you guys are missing out. I am so glad hockey is back because football is the only other sport I actually care about and the Miami Dolphins are not in the playoffs again. The only good part about a non Dolphins playoffs is watching the New England Patriots lose. I sort of had a feeling the Pats were going to choke. I should have gone to one of those sports betting sites and put down some cash. I need the money.

Since football is dead to me I am so glad hockey is back. I thought the lockout was going to deprive me of another season of hockey and I was going to have a miserable few months before the NFL Draft, but fortunately they figured it out and we have hockey again. I was out of town for a week and I missed my Washington Capitals first three games, but I finally got to watch them play last night. Despite them losing in overtime to the hated NJ Devils it was still so great to watch hockey again and you guys should get on board because the game is god damned amazing.

Anyway, I just wrote this post as an excuse to post this video of Alexander Ovechkin who is one of my favorite hockey players and pretty much the funniest guy in sports. Enjoy.

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