Ernest Borgnine On The Bus

Ernest Borgnine on the Bus from Jeff Krulik on Vimeo.

Ernest Borgnine died today at the age of 95. While most people might remember him from Poseidon Adventure or McHale’s Navy I will never forget him because of a film he made with Jeff Krulik called Ernest Borgnine On The Bus. I met Jeff Krulik years ago at a screening of a film he made called Hitler’s Hat. I told him I never received the copy of his classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot that I had ordered from him and he apologized and along with Heavy Metal Parking Lot he gave me a VHS tape that had pretty much every film he had made on it. One of those films was Ernest Borgnine On The Bus. It is a hilarious and amazingly interesting documentary that follows Borgnine on a cross country bus trip. It’s a great portrait of Borgnine and really worth watching today to celebrate the brilliant actors life. RIP.

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