An Idiot Abroad

As a general rule I don’t think British people are funny. I love Monty Python but I grew up on them and I am sure that if I didn’t see a Monty Python sketch until I was an adult I probably would have hated them. So when several years ago my friend tried to get me to listen to the Ricky Gervais podcast on a road trip I was really hesitant. I instantly fell in love with it, and not because of Gervais or his partner Steve Merchant, but because of their round headed producer Karl Pilkington. With the success of The Ricky Gervais show I think most people in the US are at least vaguely aware of Karl, but if you don’t you need to spend some time with man. He is both the dumbest and most brilliant human on Earth. On the podcast you get the idea that he could just be a character but Karl did two seasons of a travel show called An Idiot Abroad and you really get a much better sense of who Karl is. The show is brilliant and features Karl visiting some of the most amazing places on earth and absolutely hating it. 15 of the 16 episodes are available in their full length on YouTube.  Start watching, you will be amazed.

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