Jade Baker, Florida Woman

A couple of months ago Jade Baker was in NYC and hit me up about taking some photos. Obviously I was down since the previous times we have taken photos have been really great. The only problem is, my back is endlessly fucked and I was between the giant injections I get in my spine so that I can walk.

Because I couldn’t move, she came over to my apartment. It was in the evening so there was no natural light and honestly I don’t really have any place to shoot so we just took some photos on a white wall. Jade is hot so it’s fine, but they weren’t that great. I figured I could salvage it using the harsh flash on my 35mm SLR and shooting some black and white photos since black and white is cheating and even ugly light looks good. Unfortunately the 20+ year old SLR broke and all the film got exposed to light and the black and white film got fucked up because I am an idiot. This is the price you pay when shooting film, and I have had many rolls ruined over the year, but never twice in the same week. Like that is just insanely bad luck.

We did have some good luck though which is that I recently got another spine shot (it’s actually three shots) and then I went to Miami for 24 hours to see my Caps lose to the Florida Panthers in the playoffs and my flight got in about six hours before I had to be at the game. Jade also just happens to live not too far from the Ft. Lauderdale airport where I flew in. I grabbed a rental car and drove straight to her place. We managed to eat at Margaritaville because I thought that would be hilarious, but it was actually terrible, and then we drove out to some sort of park on a swamp. 

For whatever reason there was no one at the park. I am not sure if it was because of how hot it was or because it was in the middle of the day or what but I think we only saw two people the whole time we were there. That allowed her just to get completely naked in the middle of the park and we shot a bunch of photos. A runner did catch us shooting, but I am pretty sure he didn’t care. It is Florida and all, I am sure he’s seen a lot crazier shit running through a swamp. 

Anyway, TL;DR is that I have not one, but TWO shoots with Jade. The inside shoot is photographically worse, but it’s actually a bigger set and is a bit more graphic, but the out door shoot is really pretty and a lot more fun. So what that mean is that you get the outdoor shoot for free, but you gotta sign up for Girls of DBB for the indoor photos. It’s a fair trade I think. There’s also a couple videos from both shoots on my OnlyFans. Listen, while I can’t walk I gotta make a living somehow. It’s either that or buy my damn NFTs. Oh, just FYI, there are a few photos from the first shoot in this gallery as a preview.

Click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of Jade Baker in some sort of south Florida swamp!

Jade Baker

Jade Baker

Jade Baker


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