Brynn Michaels

For some reason I always update this site right before I leave town. I think it’s because I realize I haven’t updated in a while and then I realize I am leaving town and won’t get to update when I am gone and panic and need to get something up. I have been updating this site regularly for 20 years and my OCD won’t let me go too long without hitting you guys with some content.

So before I head to Miami for a few days (I got a grant to make portraits of people in the NFT community) I want to gift you guys some photos of Brynn Michaels. I found Brynn via Charlotte Sartre’s Instagram and noticed she lived in NYC. We talked about shooting but before it happened she moved to Austin… but then months later she actually moved back. 

We shot a bunch of photos in some hotel I don’t actually remember the name of with pretty awful light so we turned off all the lights and just used the window light which is always fun. It makes for a nice soft box (I mean I think soft boxes were designed to mimic windows) but with her white skin and black hair/ clothing it made for some cool harsh light as well. 

I shot these photos right before the Gathering of the Juggalos which I think is where I hurt my back. It didn’t get really bad for a few days later but I am pretty sure the Gathering did most of the damage. Aside from photographing my girlfriend, I haven’t actually shot any NSFW shoots since. Maybe I can shoot something in Miami while I am there because I need to get you more content. 

Speaking of content, these photos have been on Girls of DBB all day. I usually put them up there a day or two in advance but sort of up against it with this Miami trip. There are a handful of extra NSFW photos up there exclusive to that site. There’s also some videos from this shoot on my OnlyFans up and there will probably be another one up there tomorrow too. Sign up for both sites because they are very cheap and it helps me out a lot. 

Now let’s look at some photos…

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Brynn Michaels! 

Brynn Michaels

Brynn Michaels

Brynn Michaels

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