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Back in January I was losing my mind a little bit. With Covid numbers up again in NYC I wasn’t really going out and it was cold anyway. I didn’t get to see my family for Christmas, I was dealing with some other stuff and was just kinda generally miserable. I don’t think I really realized it until a friend came over for a little bit. I realized I was awkward as hell because I wasn’t really taking to people outside of the clerk at the grocery store, I realized my apartment was a mess because no was coming over, and I was just becoming a weird shut in. That’s when I started using dating apps again. I met a girl on there named Shannon and we talked a bunch before we finally hung out, but the very first date I went on was someone I eventually fell in love with. 

Shannon is amazing and in the less than a year I’ve known her we have gone on a ton of little adventures. She somehow has a car in New York City, and we get to escape all the time for short road trips to Long Island, upstate or to New Jersey. We both love a weird roadside attraction, a greasy diner or a gross motel with a giant heart shaped hot tub. We are out here living the American dream. Recently I hurt my back and right around the same time she hurt her knee so we’ve been kinda gimpy but that hasn’t stopped us from having some good, weird, times. In fact, we are in New Orleans doing weird shit right now for her birthday. In fact it is her birthday today which is why I saved these photos for today!

When we first met one of the first things she told me was that she hates having her photo taken, and sometimes when I point my camera at her you can really tell. But one of the other first things she told me, was that she loved my photos and how comfortable the models seemed to be in them. That meant so much to me because that’s exactly what I see as my primary strength as a photographer. I love taking her photo and I love going on fun adventures with her and luckily those things match up very well. She’s never wanted to model, but she’s always down to get naked anyway. In fact, since I have been injured, she’s been the only person I’ve really been photographing and we have started a weekly “Shannon Saturday” post over on my OnlyFans. I still haven’t done a proper post of her photos… until now!

This photo gallery contains a mix of photos from two different New Jersey motel adventures. The first one is from the Gallery Holiday Motel in New Jersey. We got this weird purple room with mirrors everywhere and a land line and it was amazing. This was the first real shoot we ever did and then we ordered both pizza and Dairy Queen and it was incredible. The second hotel was more recent, and it was the Lagoon room at the Feather Nest Inn in South Jersey. It was incredible with a Hawaiian theme and L??au music that played when you flicked a light switch. Both had epic bathtubs and of course we broke out the bubble bath. 

I love the Feather Nest so much, but I think the Gallery Holiday Motel photos might be better just because we were both injured. It was hard for Shannon to pose with a knee she could barely bend and I gave up shooting very quickly because my back was killing me. I also didn’t bring a flash because honestly taking photos wasn’t my first thought, we just wanted to go on a fun adventure after being injured for weeks and not leaving the city much less our beds. Shannon also doesn’t love taking photos which means so much to me that she will do it anyway because she loves helping me make cool stuff. It’s amazing that she’s willing to devote some of her vacation time to giving you guys content. Truly heroic.

I won’t gross you out too much about how much I am obsessed with her and how happy I am to have her in my life, but just know it’s the case and so glad I can spend today celebrating her birthday and eating a bunch of New Orleans food. I will however mention that if you wanna see more Shannon, there are a bunch of extra, high res photos from this shoot on Girls of DBB. And you can check out Shannon Saturday every week on my OnlyFans. Plus a bonus video is going up there right after I hit send on this post.

Now click here to check out Shannon in her birthday suit on her birthday!





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