Whitney Wright

While this is technically the first gallery of Whitney Wright photos on my website, it’s not the first time I have taken Whitney’s photo. The first time was almost 5 years ago when she had first moved to LA. I was in town working on my Instaxxx book when a photo shoot fell through. I Tweeted something about looking for a last minute model and Whitney responded.

By the time I picked her up from the model house she was staying in while getting established in LA it was already dark. We couldn’t shoot in her place and I didn’t have a good location for us so we just sort of drove around. Since I was working on my book of instant film I focused mostly on Instax photos and 35mm point and shoot stuff since it was dark and that camera was the only other camera I had on me with a flash. The shots that ended up in my book were fantastic photos of her, wearing only high heels, climbing a chain link fence. They were really great. We also went into a gas station bathroom and shot in there. Those photos weren’t as great but honestly it’s something I would like to do again. It’s a pretty fun and real gross idea for a location. I also took a bunch of photos of Whitney at the the LA version of the Instaxxx book release party. She was there pretty much the whole time and signed a bunch of books for me and I really appreciated that. 

Anyway, fast forward a bunch of years I was in LA back in June and I was there visiting family so I only had time for a few shoots and once again they had to be at night. Fortunately Whitney had just moved into a new, very well lit place with a ton of amazing plants. We just caught up for like an hour while she ate a late night dinner and it might have been after midnight by the time we properly started shooting, but once we started we banged out some real lovely stuff. It’s rare that I actually like more than a couple of photos on a shoot but there are probably 10 shots from this shoot that I love and that’s not even counting the 35mm stuff we did. Whitney just is so good at posing. She will be just goofy and being a normal fun human being and then suddenly she will just hit you with the eyeballs and you are like “oh damn”. Models like Whitney make being a photographer real easy.

We also got some pretty sexy video, some of which is already on my OnlyFans and more of it will be up today and even more will be up at some point in the future. Speaking of some point in the future, at some point in the past these photos were posted to Girls of Driven By Boredom but then I went out of town and had no WiFi for 4 days so I didn’t post them for free, so if you want to get access to my work before anyone else sign up over there. There is also a bunch more explicit shots over there because Whitney kept aiming her butt at me and obviously I am not gonna stop shooting when that happens, I am not a monster. 

Oh, lastly I should mention that this set is HUGE and I probably should have broken it up into two parts, but I didn’t, so you’re welcome. There is however a totally different vibe to the shoot at the end. When we finished shooting Whitney wanted to play with this light bar and so we got that out and messed with it and pretty soon I was imitating nightlife photography from 2008 and dragging my shutter and we were just fucking around but we got some real fun artsy stuff that you should check out. Some of them are legit hilarious. I can’t post any of that below because it’s all NSFW, but make sure you go look for it in the gallery.

Okay, that’s it.

Click here to look at the NSFW photos of the phenomenally easy to photograph Whitney Wright.

Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright


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  1. Ben Dover
    August 9th, 2021 | 1:01 pm

    The NSFW link to http://www.drivenbyboredom.com/gallery/whitney-wright/ shows a gallery of Juggalo tattoos.

  2. August 9th, 2021 | 2:33 pm

    Fixing it now. Thanks for the heads up.

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