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My very first stop on my recent trip to LA was to Carter Cruise’s place. She happens to live right by the airport but I was psyched to see her. She’s one of my favorite humans and I love taking her photo as you can tell from all the shoots we have done in the past. She also has a rad roommate and amazing place with a pool that I was deeply upset I didn’t get to swim in because of course it was fucking cold when I was in LA for some dumb reason.

We started the shoot outside and she rolled a joint naked and I took photos and that’s pretty much my ideal photo shoot always. Very chill, doing whatever you’d be doing normally, but also naked. Speaking of naked, last time I shot Carter the only place you could see the full nudes was on Girls of DBB, but Carter just launched her OnlyFans a couple months ago so she’s getting naked  again which is exciting for everyone. So go follow her on OF and then go to Girls of DBB to see the nudes from our last shoot, and a couple extra NSFW images from this shoot too. 

Oh, and speaking of OnlyFans I got a minute long video of her smoking and being awkward and shaking her ass and just generally being hot and naked and it’s going on my OnlyFans as soon as I hit send on this post so go sign up for my OnlyFans too. Honestly you could sign up to both of our OFs, and Girls of DBB for less than the cost of one meal so just don’t eat tonight and look at all the nudes instead. Just think of it as intermittent fasting. 

I just spent 2 paragraphs promoting shit instead of telling you more things about the shoot so let’s talk about how we went inside after she smoked and shot in her kitchen because if there’s one thing I love it’s shooting people in their kitchen. I have no fucking idea why but I just love it even when the light sucks like it did in this case. Carter has a bunch of roommates so she’s only topless in these but she did cook some food, and I feel like I need to point out that the eggs she made for herself looked a lot better than the one she cooked for photos. 

Lastly, this wasn’t the only time I hung out with Carter on this trip, a few days later she was doing a photo shoot for her and her roommate Natalie’s brand LA After Dark at my old pal Kirill’s place and I went over there and hung out. I did a shoot of Natalie in a very tiny bikini over there that I am sure I will post one day and took some random 35mm photos from the day that you can check out on Kirill’s site or check out all my LA 35mm pics on Girls of DBB.

Okay, I am done rambling now. Most of the highlights below are from the kitchen because the outdoor ones were all nude but are the better photos so make sure you click through to the actual gallery to see those. 

Click here to see all the new NSFW photos of Carter Cruise!

Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise

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