Over a year ago one of my favorite humans, Carter Cruise, was DJing a party in Vegas. It was not an AVN party but it was the same week as the AVNs so she was around and brought her friend Natalie. We all hung out a bunch and Natalie and I hit it off and we planned a shoot while we were all still in town and it was great. 

Since then, the world has obviously changed a ton and during the pandemic Natalie and Carter seemed to be living the best life because they have a pool and live with another hot friend and they started a clothing line together (which I will plug in a minute) and I just wish I was quarantining with them and just taking all the photos of them for the internets. 

Anyway, I planned on posting these photos a long time ago but there was that whole pandemic thing happening and Natalie decided if she had to find a new job when the world collapsed then maybe she didn’t want her nudes floating around out there, but good news is that her job is secure and presumably psyched about her nudes because she told me I could post them and I am 100% sure you guys are going to love that life decision because she is unreasonably pretty. (She also has an absolutely incredible laugh.)

Because of this delay, these photos have already been on Girls of DBB for months (she was cool with them being paywalled) but now you get to look at them for free… (at least some of them, I posted a ton of the 35mm photos on Girls of DBB too which you don’t get because I want your money).  And now that my plug is out of the way, it’s of course time to plug Carter and Natalie’s clothing line After Dark LA. I have already taken some photo of babes in them (check my Instagram) and I still have another shirt to shoot someone in soon and I will keep supporting their stuff because they are both amazing.

I can’t wait to visit Carter & Natalie soon cause I just got my first vaccine shot (thanks dangerously high blood pressure!) and as soon as this sweet Pfizer juice kicks in I am headed to LA so I can hang out in their pool and take their photo and probably some other stuff I can’t think about right now. It’s gonna be great. Honestly, just leaving Brooklyn would be a nice start, but I owe you guys some new photos.

Speaking of, next post on my website is gonna be the “Best” of 2020 post and then I only really have one nude shoot left and I am out of photos. I should probably get to fucking work huh? Soon!

Now click here to check out all of these photos of the incredible Natalie (and some bonus Carter cameos)!




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