In The Wild With Jade Baker

If you actually read this madness that I write with all the photos I post you will be familiar with this lost folder of photos from a 2019 trip to LA. I even mentioned it in my last post. Well, today we get one step closer to clearing out that folder, but I think there is still three more shoots left. I would bust them out all in one week or something but I am averaging like one photoshoot a month right now so having unpublished stuff is probably a good idea for now…

Anyway, this shoot was probably the most fun of that whole trip. I reached out to the amazing Corwin Prescott who always shoots in the most beautiful places to ask him if he had any ideas for places to shoot in LA and he recommended Malibu Creek State Park. I googled it and was very excited about this swimming hole that is pretty deep in the park and I reached out to Jade Baker about going with me. I love taking her photo and she seemed like the perfect person to bring on a mini adventure.

Our plan was to find the first place to shoot that we could and get a bunch of digital stuff and then hike to the swimming hole and try and shoot photos there if we could manage it without people seeing or we would just go swimming and still have the first shoot. Perfect plan.

We realized we could hike down a hill to the creek and there wouldn’t be anyone who could see us from the main trail. I shot her climbing a burnt tree and then we took some shots in the creek itself but it was such a sunny day that it was hard to get anything well exposed. I could give you a little explanation of the Zone System here but I won’t because I’m not a monster. So we found a fallen tree in the shade near the creek and did the rest of our digital shoot there. She had burnt tree all over her at this point but it actually made for some cool photos.

From there we hiked into the park and took some 35mm photos along the way. She actually climbed a water tower or something because she is an incredible bad ass. (There is a video of that and a couple other clips on my OnlyFans today!) We took a bunch of other pictures in the park including a few shots in this rock formation that I really loved. 

When we finally reached the swimming hole it was predictably crowded and we couldn’t shoot any nudes or anything, but the water was wonderful and we swam a bunch and took some more 35mm photos of her on the rocks and things like that. I got to jump off a giant rock myself which was real fun and there were a bunch of people cliff diving which was also entertaining to watch. 

After our swim we hiked back to our cars and said our goodbyes and I couldn’t wait to get the film developed. I got so much good 35mm on that trip that I published it all on Girls of Driven By Boredom. (That’s a direct link to the gallery since it was posted over a year ago.) So if you want to see all the photos we shot after the creek, or the creek photos in high resolution (plus some bonus explicit shots) make sure you check out that site. It will also give you a good idea of what shoots I still have left to publish! 

Okay, now let’s look at some damn photos.

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Jade Baker at Malibu State Park!

Ps. I just realized that none of these except for a couple of her climbing a tree are safe enough to post on the main page so make sure you click through because this one image below is not going to give you any sort of idea to what these photos actually look like. Even the one below has a nipple in it if you look real carefully. My bad.

Jade Baker


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