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I recently have been going back through my hard drive looking for old video that I can use to update my new OnlyFans with when I came across all the footage for my series Road Strip that I made for Wood Rocket back in 2013. I spent a month on the road, the first half of that on Route 66 working on my first book, Get Your Kicks. I don’t really shoot video but I set up a GoPro in my rental car and that series helped me pay for the trip and fly some models to me. 

One of those models was Ash Hollywood. I love Ash and we have shot a bunch of times but when I started the trip she wasn’t part of the plans, it just happened that she had driven to Vegas for work and a flight from Vegas to Albuquerque was only like $150. She flew to me and we spent a few days on Route 66 ending with a short detour to Vegas to drop her back off at her car. It worked out perfectly. We even got to shoot at the Grand Canyon!

On one night of the trip we decided to stay in Holbrook, Arizona. It’s home to some giant dinosaur sculptures at the Rainbow Rock Shop and was one of my main spots to hit on the trip because the dinosaurs are such an iconic Route 66 symbol. (Not to be confused with the Cabazon dinosaurs, where I have also taken photos.) When we got to Holbrook it was pretty early evening but already dark so we had to stop. We ended up staying at a place called the Romney Motel which was a huge mistake given that one of the few remaining Wigwam Motels is in Holbrook (fortunately I was able to stay there with my good friend Alex who recently passed – I will remember that forever). 

Anyway, because we had a few hours before we went to sleep we checked out the town and hit a weird gift shop and maybe a bar and a sign for geodes. Seriously I backed my rental car into a giant sign advertising geodes for sale. I cracked my tail light and had to return the car a day early because my insurance only covered 30 days and I had the car for 31. Sorry, none of this matters but I am reminiscing. 

The point of all this is that we had hours to kill before we went to bed so we just took a ton of photos in the room. The light sucked and we were just sort of fucking around. Half the photos I took while laying on the bed which is honestly my favorite way of shooting because I am lazy. When I started posting photos from the trip I had a bunch of stuff with Ash and so I guess I just never posted these. I probably just didn’t want to color correct them, because as you will see, I am horrible at that shit. 

So seven years later to the day, I was looking for that video footage, when suddenly I realized I had shots from Holbrook that I had never posted. I double checked my site and nope, they never made it. A few images were part of a bigger gallery on Girls of DBB but the vast majority of them had never been published! 

Now I know that this post is very long already, but there is another important thing that I need to talk about, which brings together both Girls of DBB and my Only Fans which is kinda complicated because my branding sucks but I now have two pay sites. The Girls of DBB mobile app which I forever just called Girls of DBB and now an OnlyFans which is also called Girls of DBB. It’s very confusing, so now Girls Of DBB is it’s own site and URL with links to both the mobile app and the OnlyFans with the explanations of what each are. In order to promote this I have Ash Hollywood stuff on both sites.

On Girls of DBB – the photo site – I have this full Ash Hollywood set in high resolution PLUS another 30 bonus photos that are way more explicit than the normal stuff I put on here. For some reason Ash was trying to smoke her e-sig with her vagina which we now have documented and that is very important. Meanwhile on the OnlyFans I am currently uploading a video that was never used in the Road Strip series where Ash is hanging out naked in the motel telling you all about Holbrook, AZ and our plans to visit the Grand Canyon. So yeah, lots of Ash related content from SEVEN years ago!!

This post is way too long so let’s get into it. Click here to see the lost photos of Ash Hollywood on Route 66 in 2013!

Ash Hollywood

Ash Hollywood

Ash Hollywood

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