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While in quarantine I have been trying to be productive. I have mostly been eating garbage and watching documentaries about libertarian gay polygamist tiger breeding attempted murderers but I did manage to finally organize all the photos I took in 2018. I actually had to do most of it twice because I accidentally threw away most of the edit but I started over again and here we are. In January I started working on organizing 2019 and then I realized I hadn’t done 2018 yet so at least that’s done and I guess it’s time to work on 2019 now, but let’s be honest, if Netflix drops another true crime series I will immediately drop whatever I was doing. 

Speaking of pandemics, normally I wouldn’t drop nearly 300 photos on a Saturday, but since everyone is stuck at home bored as hell this seems like a perfect time to give you a million photos to click through. I will also go through some of my favorite moments of the year and drop you some links of the highlights so you can go look at more photos or read about some more of my bullshit or whatever.

Let’s start with my favorite photo shoot of all time: I got to shoot the cast of the Wes Anderson movie Isle of Dogs with puppies for Vulture and then puppies dressed up as Wes Anderson characters for BuzzFeed. It was amazing. Some of the bigger events I shot in 2018 were AVN Week, SXSW and of course the Gathering of the Juggalos. I also shot Exxxotica NJ, The March For Our Lives, Elm St. Music & Tattoo Fest and the NFL Draft. Speaking of sports, a personal highlight of 2018 (and my life) was the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup. I didn’t get to go to any of the games but I did get to go to the victory parade in DC. I got to travel overseas a couple of times, getting to photograph a Transylvanian rave, and going to the Galapagos Islands, the latter of which was an absolutely life changing experience. I should also mention that I shot a halloween dog parade and really loved shooting some behind the scenes photos on the TV show Cake.

I know I also gotta run down a few of my favorite naked women photos because that’s why most of you creeps come here. Probably my favorite shoot of the year was of my my friend Scout. There was such bad light in her hotel room that we shot almost the entire thing using just light from the TV. I finally got to shoot with Nikki Hearts after knowing her for years and years. Kasey Warner introduced me to Damia and Khloe, and I photographed both of them for the first time. I have shot them both again since. I got to shoot Rose Ryan for the second time and she is unreasonably attractive so that is worth a gander. I shot Jade Baker for the first time and our second shoot from 2019 is one of my favorites ever. I have no idea why I haven’t posted it yet.  Speaking of galleries I haven’t posted yet, there are a few more previews in here of those including one with Alex De La Flour that is coming real soon. I got some good public nude stuff as well with my shoot with Jane Wilde and my trip to Governors Island with my friend Kirra. Oh, and my shoot with Raya and Goldie was amazing too.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. There’s a ton of other stuff in here too but I am not gonna list it all because I have work to do, and by work I mean I have to go watch some videos of rich teenage YouTubers pulling pranks on their slightly less successful successful YouTuber friends.

Click here to see nearly 300 of my favorite (digital) photos from 2018!

Untold Fest

Bill Murray

Raya Blade & Goldie Fawn

Gathering Of The Juggalos

2018 NFL Draft

The Galapagos Islands


Cake BTS: Oh, Jerome No

Halloween Dog Parade


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