Double Dose Of Damia

Hope everyone is staying safe out there with everything on the planet being canceled by pandemic. I have something for you guys to do while you’re being quarantined. You can look at not one, but two shoot with my friend Damia. 

I met her when she was crashing with Kasey Warner and Khloe Kapri. I shot all three of them together which was a pretty fun shoot. I also shot Kasey and Damia together but you can only find that on Girls of Driven By Boredom. That same week I shot Damia by herself kinda quickly in Kasey’s back yard, but I didn’t want to put those photos up right away because I had so many shoots from Kasey’s that week. So I held off.

Months later I am back in LA and I hit her up again to shoot, and this time I shot her in Khloe’s place (she was no longer living with Kasey) and then shot Khloe there a few days ago. I still haven’t posted either of those shoots because I wanted to space everything out. It’s a whole thing…

Long story short, I have two shoots with Damia: one in a backyard, and one in a kitchen. They are all together in just one gallery to make it easy on everyone. 

Damia is fucking hilarious, and real cool but kinda awkward at the same time but in a real adorable way. I don’t know if any of that makes sense but you will probably get it when you look at the photos. You will want to look at the photos, I promise.

Anyway, there aren’t any bonus shots on Girls of DBB, but there is that Kasey/Damia shoot I mentioned, plus you would have seen these already if you were a member because I put them up yesterday over there (in high resolution). Just saying.

Okay, don’t get the coronavirus, and please go look at these photos. See you soon.

Click here to see photos from two different shoots with Damia!







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