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I have not been able to consume enough caffeine today to write this post, but I keep trying. My brain is just not functioning because I haven’t had a good night of sleep in a week. Hopefully these photos will speak for themselves, but I know this is a post people look forward to every year so I gotta get this published. Instead of writing something thoughtful I am just gonna go through the gallery in order and tell you who everyone is and give you whatever info I think you might need and hopefully my 5th cup of coffee will kick in by the time I’m done. Let’s go.

First up is Keira Croft. I ended up going down to AVN a day earlier than planned and didn’t have a hotel booked. Coincidentally she had an extra bed in her room and she heroically let me crash. We of course had to shoot as well even though the light was pretty gross in her room. I also shot her getting ready in the morning and shooting porn girls in real life situations is honestly why I come to Vegas every year. Oh and I took some photos of her for another project as well, but keeping that a secret for now. 

Next up is my buddy April O’Neil. She’s one of my favorite people to shoot and there is a whole gallery of this shoot coming soon, but for now you just get a little teaser. We shot on the balcony of her hotel which had a great view nut I am pretty sure the neighbors had an even better view.

Next is Kyaa. I met her in the casino at like 3am and she pretty much demanded that I take her number and take her photo. I wasn’t going to say no. She is very intimidating. Also coincidentally she’s super cool looking and we took some really fun photos in the courtyard of my hotel so it worked out very well. 

The second night I was in Vegas I ran into Aiden Ashley. We had just done a really amazing shoot in LA, probably the best thing I have shot in months, and she introduced me to her friend Lucid. She was like “you should shoot with Igor” and Lucid said “okay”, and so I said “let’s get you guys naked in the parking garage right now” and so that’s what we did. Aiden got stuck in a trash can and they took a bunch of extra NSFW photos you can only see on the Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Later that same night, at like 4am, my friend Claudia Cho texted me to see what was going on. I didn’t even know she was in town until I saw on the internets that she was in Vegas. She came over to my hotel room and we took like 15 photos in 8 minutes. I’m just glad I got to take some photos using the mirrors in my room.

The next day I went to take photos of a girl named Natalie that Carter Cruise introduced me too. I had eaten dinner with them sometime between the parking garage photos and the Claudia shots and we made plans for the morning. Natalie is a designer and not a naked person, she was just hanging with Carter but was down to take some photos. We shot a ton and it’s going to be a full set later so this is just a little preview. Super glad I met her and I hope to shoot her again soon!

Later that day I shot Siri who is someone I wanted to photograph a long time ago, but she briefly retired from the industry… for 5 years. Well she is back and had a pretty nice room at the Hard Rock so we shot her on the bed. This is another full set so enjoy the preview and I will be back eventually with all her photos. 

The next day was the actual AVN Awards and I was trying to find someone to let me photograph them getting ready. I had just met Paige Owens and she was down but then realized she had fucked up her booking and had to stay with a friend that night. I went with her to drop off her bags and we ran into Gia DiMarco who is another person I had wanted to shoot and so we brought her with us back to my hotel to shoot. On the way I took two photos of Nadia White flashing me in her onsie and then did a quick shoot with Gia and Paige which is a really weird thing to write given that my ex-girlfriend is named Gia Paige. Anyway, we only had like 15 min before Gia had to leave and I think we got some really nice stuff considering. Paige stuck around and did her hair naked and so I took photos of that because I am a goddamn professional. 

After that I had a bunch of shoots cancel and the awards were over and I was real grumpy about being in town for two extra days without shooting. The Wood Rocket Brunch on Sunday was fun and I hung out with those guys on Monday too, but I had 3 rolls of film to finish before I got on a plane and no one to shoot. Fortunately Aiden Ashley had introduced me to another friend this week, and that was Alex Grey. I had wanted to take Alex’s photo forever but I had only once met her and it was very briefly. I had tried taking her photo all week but she was very busy with AVN stuff. On Monday she wanted to shoot but her car got a flat tire and it was taking her all day to deal with it. I figured she was just blowing me off but she finally texted me and I met up with her at the actual tire shop. Her friend was with her and we all got in his pick up truck and drove about 100 yards from the tire shop into a gravel pit and did a photoshoot in 10 minutes as the sun went down. I finished off all three rolls and we took some great photos considering the time. She also let me shoot her without make up and her hair totally crazy which I very much appreciated. So glad we shot and I can’t wait to do it again. We actually got so many photos between film and digital that I am gonna make this a separate set as well. So enjoy the preview and look forward to that.

Apparently the caffeine finally hit because this is over 1100 words and still need to plug Girls of Driven By Boredom. These photos have been on Girls of DBB since yesterday and there are more than 25 bonus shots that are too extra to be posted on here. This gallery is massive to begin with so you probably want to see these in high resolution with “hands free navigation”. Just saying. Sign up already.

Okay, so let’s end this and be done with AVN for another year! 

Click here to see the huge gallery of NSFW photos of girls of from the 20200 AVN Awards week.


 Lucid & Aiden Ashely

Keira Croft

Claudia Cho



Alex Grey

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