Nikki Hearts

Many years ago someone introduced me to Nikki Hearts and I made some stupid joke as I tend to do and for years she thought I was a dick and I would run into her all the time and we would sort of pretend we didn’t know each other. I hate having awkward shit like that in my life so I finally just walked up to her and was like “Hey, I feel like you probably hate me but it was a misunderstanding and I wasn’t intentionally being a dick and all our friends are friends so like maybe we could be friends too” and then we were and it was great because Nikki is awesome. 

Last time I was in LA we finally took photos for the first time in the near decade I have known her and while the photos are technically “fine” people seem to love them because Nikki is one of the coolest looking people on the planet. Photographing people smoking weed is pretty much the easiest thing to do because smoke photographs well and when you add that to Nikki just being a rad babe you are gonna get some good pictures. 

After we shot these photos Nikki needed some press photos so we headed down to Echo Park and shot some more photos of her just smoking and looking real awesome. In the middle of that shoot she ended up just getting way too high and we had to stop taking photos which is honestly hilarious, and not the first time that’s happened to me. 

I also sort of shot Nikki again in Vegas in January when I went over to her hotel room to photograph her girlfriend Leigh Raven. Most of these photos are exclusive to Girls of Driven By Boredom, but some shots of the two of them ended up in my Girls of AVN gallery this year. 

Speaking of Girls of DBB, there are some more explicit shots from my shoot with Nikki on there, PLUS the entire safe for work shoot we did for her press photos. It doesn’t have any nudity, but the photos are cool anyway and it seemed like a good bonus gallery. And as always the photos are in double the resolution over there on the paid site. Oh, and speaking of paid sites, you could check out Nikki’s VERY NSFW site, but I don’t think I am even allowed to say the name of it.

Okay, now go look at the photos of Nikki and hopefully I will get to shoot her (and Leigh) when they are in town next month.

Click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of the amazing Nikki Hearts!

Nikki Hearts

Nikki Hearts

Nikki Hearts

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