Heidi V

I don’t use lights very often in my photography. Studio lighting is pretty boring to me. I get it, my work suffers because of it. Sometimes I am using just completely garbage light to get shots that I could set up in 10 minutes with lighting or even something as simple as a little bounce light would be enough, but it’s just not for me. I am looking for the spontaneous moments and it’s a lot harder to capture real life when you have a bunch of gear set up. Or maybe I am just lazy, I’m not sure.

That being said, I do occasionally use lights. I needed lights to shoot a bunch of puppies and celebrities very quickly for Fox Searchlight last year and I ended up putting a cheap LED lighting kit into the budget because my real light setup is so unnecessarily huge and honestly I never want to deal with it. I wanted to practice with it before the shoot and luckily Heidi V was in town.

I photographed Heidi V at AVN or some other adult convention years ago. She’s an Australian cam girl and I just remembered her from a random shot of her at the convention. I didn’t talk to her or anything, but I sort of knew who she was. Meanwhile, my friend was in town and she told me that I should come get food with her and her cam girl friend Heidi. Turns out it was the same girl that I had photographed way back when. We got some food and I showed em around the city a bit and then we talked about taking some photos. I ran home to get my lights so I could practice with em and headed over to the Air BNB that Heidi had rented.

The only problem was that I didn’t have a bag for my lights since I had just bought them. I just grabbed one light and one stand and headed out the door. If you know anything about lighting you know that you really need a second light to get rid of the harsh shadow caused by the first light, but my hatred of carrying gear struck again and I figured I could wing it. That was stupid.

So since I hate doing studio photography, and since I only used one light for some reason I didn’t even bother looking at these photos for a full as year. Still, as I was looking at my list of photo shoots I have yet to publish, this one kept jumping out at me because it’s now the oldest shoot I haven’t put up. 

So last night I finally sucked it up and went through these photos. Fortunately Hedi is adorable enough and we took enough photos that we ended up getting a bunch of stuff worth looking at. We also shot a second mini shoot that ended up on Girls of DBB a long as time ago. And there a few photos of her butt from this shoot that are exclusive to Girls of DBB too. So like, if you wanna see her butt you gotta pay up, or just google her or something. 

Lastly, I just wanted to shout out Hedi cause she rules. Back in January I got to Vegas for the AVN Awards hours before my girlfriend did and she’s the one who booked our hotel room so I had no way of checking in until she got to town. I started Tweeting at people and Hedi told me I could leave my stuff in her room and even trusted me to have a key so I could grab my stuff when I needed it. I really appreciated it, plus we took some random photos with her friend Kristie Bish, so that was cool. Thanks Heidi!

Okay, now click here to see all the poorly lit nudes of the adorable Heidi V!

Heidi V

Heidi V

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